Photoshoot: fall into fashion

September 14, 2015

When I was growing up, my Grandma always told me: “If you ever want to dress up an outfit, wear amazing jewelry.” I can still picture in my head her accessories collection; playing with it as a child was one of my favourite activities.

Like a true European woman, Grandma’s jewelry box mostly consisted of very classic pieces, but also included some striking, colourful numbers. Many years later, I learnt the names of all those brands: Grandma was dedicated to selectively buying only the best high-end pieces. Whenever she had a free moment (which was rare), she would head to a luxury department store in Spain, and carefully look at the options available. I still own some of the necklaces she bought me, and they are among my most prized possessions. My love for oversized rings specifically is something I inherited from her.

It was her influence that inspired my approach towards jewelry, and inspired the idea of this photoshoot. We collaborated with Holt Renfrew once again to select both classic, elegant items, as well as large, statement ones.

With the fall season arriving this month, we have several fun looks for different occasions. I really enjoyed modelling in this project not only because our photographer Aleyah and I chose all the pieces together, but also because we paired the looks with striking hair and make-up. Take a look for yourself.

The pretty look

We styled a Marni brooch as a hair clip, because fashion should always be fun!

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The power look

This Lanvin vita choker is a perfect piece for a woman with confidence.

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The glamour look

Nothing can be cooler than this Givenchy bar necklace, paired with a Kenzo black tiger ring and silver ring.

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The statement look

The Lanvin Zandra Face Pendant would accentuate any outfit, especially a little black dress.

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The fashion look

No photoshoot is complete without Alexander McQueen. We picked some quintessential items that truly reflect his aesthetic, featuring the renowned skull: the forest skull ring and the forest rose skull pendant.

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FAJO would like to thank Holt Renfrew for another wonderful collaboration. Celebrating a 177-year heritage, Holt Renfrew is recognized worldwide for an inspired shopping experience. Once a purveyor of fashion to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Holt Renfrew began in 1837 as a modest hat shop. Over the years, the brand developed and expanded across Canada. In the 1930s, Holt Renfrew began exclusive accounts with leading European designers and, in 1947, hosted Monsieur Christian Dior when he launched his “New Look.” After many years of foreign ownership, Holt Renfrew was bought in 1986 by W. Galen and the Hon. Hilary M. Weston. Under their ownership, Holt Renfrew has become Canada’s destination for luxury retail. Connect with Holt Renfrew: webFacebookTwitterInstagram.

By Hannah Yakobi
Photography by Aleyah Solomon
Make-up Artist: Amy Pigeon
Hair: Cecile Washington

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