FAJO’s luxury giveaway with Swarovksi 2017

August 21, 2017

Summer 2017 is coming to a close, so to celebrate the start of fall and fashion week/Red Carpet season, FAJO has partnered with Swarovski for a new giveaway!

One lucky winner will win not 1, but 4 luxurious prizes, with a total value of $326!

Take a look at what you could win in our giveaway below and see how you can enter.

The Slake Deluxe Black Bracelet has a chic design that features a mix of crystals on black Alcantara®, and two snap buttons to allow for adjustable and comfortable fit.

Swarovski’s Slake Deluxe Black Bracelet, valued at $79.

The Towards Horseshoe Necklace features a rhodium-plated horseshoe, adorned with sparkling clear crystal pavé.

Swarovski’s Towards Horseshoe Necklace, valued at $89.

The Geometry Necklace features a mix of clear and black pavé with rose gold-plated metal.

Swarovski’s Geometry Necklace, valued at $119.

A Crystalline Ballpoint Pen is filled with approximately 1’300 delicate clear crystals in rose gold tones. The pen comes in a velvet pouch and the high-quality refill can be replaced quickly and easily.

Swarovski’s Crystalline Ballpoint Pen, valued at $39.

All you have to do to enter this fabulous contest is:

1) Follow FAJO and Swarovski on Twitter.

2) Re-tweet all FAJO tweets related to this contest.

3) Comment below and tell us why you should win this fabulous and luxurious prize from Swarovski!

Every follow, comment and re-tweet counts as one entry, so the more times you enter, the higher your chances of winning!

This contest is open to all our readers across Canada. It will close at 11:59 p.m. EST on Aug.28, 2017. Good luck!






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  • Harjit said:

    I am one of those people that used to be so very shy but as I’ve gotten older I have discovered colors other than blue/gray/black and beautiful shiny things like accessories. When I get the chance, I love to dress up and I don’t feel like my outfit is complete without jewelry. That is the reason I would love to win these gorgeous shiny, blingy, beautiful necklaces and arm candy. Thank you for the chance, twitter fan@plumerea.

  • Suzanne G said:

    I should win as this gorgeous Swarovski’s Slake Deluxe Black Bracelet is something that would really step up my look.

  • Jenness M said:

    I should win as I will give these items to my nieces who will look amazing in them!

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard said:

    I should win because I just had my 51st birthday and we weren’t able to celebrate because we are tight on cash – but this would TOTALLY make up for it TY for the chance <3 xoxo

  • Colleen M Cole said:

    I have inherited my Mother’s love of all things Swarovski. I absolutely love anything that sparkles and is pretty. Scratch that, I’m pretty sure I would follow a shiny crumpled ball of aluminum foil down the street. Seriously I like sparkly stuff that much. It would be so much fun to use that pen, even if it could destroy my productivity. “Look, sparkles” Plus I absolutely love all of the jewelry. Winning this would make me rather happy. Thanks for offering a great contest.

  • Gloria C said:

    I love the sophisticated style of these Swarovski items and the Crystalline pen is just so luxe.

  • Stephanie said:

    I should win because I’m obsessed with jewellery and this prize is just absolutely amazing!

  • Shirley Shepherd said:

    I should win this fabulous prize from Swarovski because I love the unique design of the horseshoe and geometry necklaces, beautiful bracelet and pen. I’ve always been a big fan of Swarovski!

  • Michelle W said:

    Beautiful pieces! I would wear the bracelet daily! I would share this prize with my mom who has a love of necklaces. However, we would have to fight over the pen, which we both love, lol

  • Charlotte said:

    I should win because I deserve some beauty in my life.

  • Anne said:

    Love Swarovski, but can’t afford to treat myself right now. I’d be using these on a daily basis if I had the chance. So pretty.

  • Toby said:

    My home is filled with Swarovski! Love the sparkle!

  • Casey Miller said:

    I’m a high school teacher in dire need of some sparkly accessories to her desk and self. Thank you so much!

  • Florence Cochrane said:

    I love to win to give to my daughter who loves to shop Swarovski.

  • @canadianlinz said:

    I should win this awesome Swarovski prize because that bracelet is like something out of my dreams! Thanks for the chance!

  • Christine D said:

    I would love to wear this fabulous prize for all of my bridal appointments and my wedding! Everything is so lovely!

  • Sarah Mughal said:

    I love swavorski as it embodies elegance, class and intricate designs! Thank you❤️????

  • kristen visser said:

    oh my gosh I would LOVE to win this prize! I Have nothing swarovski ! All my jewelry items beside my wedding and engagement ring, are cheap pieces. This would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah H said:

    Have always admired Swarovski, but have never had any disposable income for things like that. Winning a contest is probably the only way I’d ever get own something that luxe.

  • emma walpole said:

    I would love to sparkle and dazzle my way into fall and my last year of school.

  • Stephanie Barber said:

    I would love to win something pretty for myself. All of our money goes to things for the kids so it is nice now and then to do something special for me or my husband.

  • monica hall said:

    I could you some sparkle to cheer me up!

  • Dayana said:

    I love fashion and lately I’ve been loving necklaces,Swarovski is the perfrct touch to any outfit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Linda said:

    I need to win this as I have no Swarovski jewlery pieces and have always admired them in the stores. I would gladly wear and show off any of these pieces with pride.

  • Maritess said:

    I want to win this because it will allow me to update my look with elegant and sparkling accessories.

  • Dana said:

    This has been a rough year so I’d love to win some bling to add some sparkle to my life!

  • Marlene J said:

    I love Swarovski crystals & wear jewellery all the time. Very nice giveaway

  • kristen visser said:

    ahhhh this would totally make up for hubby no longer buying me any jewelry!

  • tracy k said:

    i should win this because i love jewelry!!

  • Ming K said:

    I should win because I’m a great fan of Swarovski & jewelry

  • Julie-Lynne McCann said:

    I’m just so grateful for this amazing opportunity… I’ve never been able to treat myself to anything …my husband is very ill so there has never been money for anything but food & bills

  • Luzviminda Gunter-Smith said:

    I am a collector of Swarovski and I am a big fan, I am starting a collection a year ago and everytime my birthday is coming I always wish for a new collection, my birthday is September 1 so this would be perfect, it will make the best birthday ever.

  • Dar/Dee said:

    I would love to win this package and be sparkling for fall!! I’ve lost 22lbs since March and have had to upgrade my wardrobe, these pieces match my style for sure. I especially love that bracelet. Thanks for the chance.

    @luvchaos on Twitter.

  • Tierra G said:

    I would love to win this prize as it would be a great graduation present for myself.

  • Carol M said:

    Absolutely love these and I’d be so thrilled to win!

  • kristen visser said:

    This would be totally epic! I have very few jewelry pieces

  • debbie paisley said:

    I could use some sparkle in my life. I totally love Swarovski. Thank for the chance

  • Debbie S. said:

    I should win this as I would wear it with style. I love black and this would adddo much to my wardrobe. Thanks so much for the chance.

  • Debbie B said:

    I have been a Swarovski fan for a very long time and am mad for their beautiful crystals, I just love bling!

  • Teresa Valvano said:

    I’m a huge fan of Swarovski pieces. I find them to be unique and timeless-and they’re always always always a conversation starter. I’d love to win these pieces-I’d truly enjoy each of them and wear them proudly. And I love how all pieces are versatile-they can be dressed up or down-they take on a fashionable life of their own. The added sparkle of Swarovski does a lot for women, it does for me ;) The pen is stunning-I’d sign/write with added flare. My fingers are tightly crossed! Thank you for the chance.

  • kristen visser said:

    This mama needs herself some new bling!

  • Catherine Robichaud said:

    I would to win because I really need to add some bright and glittery to my wardrobe.

  • Sonia carneiro said:

    I should win because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE every single one of these pieces and would be sure to make very good use of them!! Beautiful beautiful pieces, thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Kellie Walsh said:

    I would love to win this for my mom. She loves everything Swarovski. ❤️

  • Melissa Marie said:

    I would love to win to own those beautiful pieces

  • Jennifer Essad said:

    wining I would share with my daughter, we both LOVE swarovski jewelry and collectables. I’m amazed at the simple designs and the extravagant ones. I love seeing the crystals catch the light

  • Lana H said:

    I would treasure and wear such exquisite pieces

  • kristen visser said:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! would love to show off some new bling

  • Janet D said:

    This gal is head over heels for these gorgeous Swarovski prizes and they are so perfect for my new Fall look! Definitely wishing for some amazing sparkle for my birthday on August 28th! ( @CdnCountryGal1 is following you both on twitter! )

  • kristen visser said:

    I seriously have my fingers crossed for this! This mama never spoils herself or gets spoiled with jewelry. Definitely would be nice

  • kristen visser said:

    YES PLEASE!!! These pieces are all so beautiful. I would show them off with pride :)

  • Lara Maynard said:

    Lovely pieces. I especially like the bracelet. And l would use the pen to make writing beautiful every day.

  • Brenda Penton said:

    I’d love to win because I think the pieces are gorgeous! I think I deserve a treat :)

  • Janice Cournoyer said:

    A collector of Swarovski and a big fan, I am starting a collection in the 90’s while visiting the stores in Europe. I now have 6 watches and would love the new one just out.


    Bling is my thing!!! I need to win this to shine!!!:)

  • Heather Sibley said:

    I should win because I’ve had a hard year and this would make me shine with happiness

  • Nicole said:

    I should win this amazing prize because my son is getting married in December and I would look stunning with these beautiful pieces of jewelry ❣️ Thanks ????

  • Jenny B said:

    I’d love to win because these pieces are nothing like anything I’ve ever owned. I would definitely cherish it and wear it a lot.

  • Carol M said:

    Love to wear such beautiful pieces

  • laura j jenkins said:

    nothing compares to such elequent jewelry such as yours the look is so different
    in every piece.

  • laura j jenkins said:

    jewelry of this kind is hard to come by

  • Jade said:

    Nothing says overkill than being covered head to toe in glitter…. but you can showcase your adoration of glitter and sparkles with make up, shoes, or accessories such as jewellery. As a horse lover, I truly love the horse shoe pendant necklace. More over, I’ve been looking forward been looking or material wrist cuffs and the diamond studded wrist cuff looks exactly what I’m looking for. Also, the geometric shape necklace would be show stopping piece to wear to any function.
    I’m also very charitable when it comes to other people, so I’d give my friend the pen.

  • Natalie (@oceanscented) said:

    I love shiny things! Swarovski has such amazing products – these are gorgeous!

  • Natalie (@oceanscented) said:

    whoops – never mind! saw this ended a few days ago. I don’t know how I missed this! Boo.


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