Love Me Do!

February 14, 2013

By Jill Adams

Photography courtesy of Smashbox Cosmetics

When most people think about love or Valentine’s Day, their thoughts are usually synonymous with hearts and shades of red or pink. The same can also be said when describing renowned street artist Curtis Kulig’s limited edition Love Me collection for Smashbox Cosmetics, which works perfectly for this month’s Love Issue.

Love Me collection is colourful, fun and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Love Me is a colourful make-up line. It is distinguishable by its vivid palette and Kulig’s unmistakable, cursive Love Me tag — a ubiquitous mark from the streets of L.A., museums of New York and dive bars in Tokyo — with the M fashioned out of a heart.

The collection, which is already available in stores, comes in fun, graphic packaging; each one is different, accented with red or pink, and covered with the Love Me tag. The collaboration brings together some of the world’s leading colour-trendsetters, and it includes eyeshadow palettes, a blush, lipsticks, lip glosses and an eyeliner.

The eyeshadow palettes feature five highly pigmented shadows and are available in two shades: Admire Me, perfect for everyday wear, has neutrals (including pinks and browns), while Entice Me, best for a night out, has trendy blues and purples. For an enhanced look, it is suggested to contrast and blend the shadows.

Entice Me eyeshadow palette is soft and feminine.

The blush is engraved repeatedly with Love Me, similar to the scrawls covering the outside of the compact. It comes in one shade, Idolize Me, a high-impact hot pink. Inspired by Kulig’s street art, it was designed to be eye-catching and make your face, or “your canvas”, pop. This bright blush is ideal for transforming any look into something more glamorous, especially for a girls’ night out.

Smashbox’s signature Be Legendary lipstick, which is also part of the collection, is now more legendary than ever! Developed to match Kulig’s trademark colours, it comes in bright red (Love Me) and deep coral (Tempt Me) – have we mentioned that we love these names? The lipsticks are infused with vitamins and shea butter, providing extra moisture during colder months.

And if you’re in a mood for something a little lighter, pick a lip-enhancing gloss that has been developed with a non-sticky, moisturizing formula. It has a glassy or “pearlescent” shimmer, and is available in two shades, Adore Me (a bright pink) and Charm Me (a light bubblegum pink). With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this simple gloss is a great finishing touch for any date-night outfit.

The new paint pen eyeliner, available in one bold, jet-black hue, is intended to give your eyes incredible definition. Inspired by Kulig’s signature paint pens, this eyeliner resembles a soft-tip marker, and with its higher precision, it is ideal for trying the latest liner techniques.

One last tip: don’t forget to love yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Some pieces from the Love Me collection

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