Profile: Victoria Aitken

September 5, 2012

By Sarah Ward

Photography by Luke Foreman and Dmitri Moisseev

Victoria Aitken has a keen eye for style and it radiates through the music she creates.

A London-native, Aitken has been building a name for herself in the DJ world, upholding an image that ties together her passion for both electronic dance music and fashion.

“I have a problem,” she says. “In an ideal world, I would love to wear a different outfit for each song [I perform] because I see performing like acting. Each song has a different vibe… I feel that I should dress up the mood for each one. It’s an all-over performance!”

Victoria Aitken. Photo: Luke Foreman.

A fan of designers Rohmir and Hollywood-based Funky Bling, Aitken has a taste for the eclectic.

“I generally have two personas. I like dressing up, looking very chic and being glamorous – it’s fun. But, on the other hand, I also love being crazy. Earlier this year, I was doing The World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, so I wanted a costume that was more crazy. I wanted to dress like a traffic cone!”

An evidently creative mind, Aitken was originally interested in writing. She spent many years in California, writing screenplays and TV shows, but eventually realized her true path was in music. She began writing songs and, with encouragement from friends, soon realized her singing talent as well.

“I was always writing song lyrics and poems. I was friends with DJs and my music career just sort of happened. I never thought I’d be a singer, but I thought I might be a songwriter.”

Today, the DJ – who splits her time equally between London and New York City – is riding the wave of success with her latest hit, Weekend Lover, which was handpicked by director Whit Stillman to appear in his latest film Damsels in Distress. The song appears in the film four times.

Aitken travels extensively for many of her performances. Photo: Luke Foreman.

“I wrote Weekend Lover out of heartache. I was really in love with someone and he didn’t take me seriously. He saw me as a fling and I was really sad. The original version was a bit sadder, while the version in the movie is more flirtatious. But it fits the story of the movie and what is happening to the main character. I think the message it conveys is universal and every single woman has experienced what the song is about.”

Along with her love for music, fashion and writing, the part-Canadian Aitken hopes to make it to the Toronto International Film Festival sometime soon. When asked about her views on Canadian DJs, she says she would love to work with Chromeo, Deadmau5 and Dragonette, to name a few.

Aitken was photographed by FAJO during her show at the World Bodypainting Festival this summer. Photo: Dmitri Moisseev. Digital retouching: Julie Boehm.

Following the success of Weekend Lover, Aitken has finished another song – Meet Me in Paradise – with musician Kevin Lyttle, which is available on her personal website. Later this month, she will release a new track with reggae legend Spragga Benz, and perform at the Notting Hill Carnival. She also has two upcoming shows during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2012.

Aitken’s take on her career so far? “I just believe in having a good time!”

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