Profile: Miu Koridi

January 16, 2012

By Ada Yakobi

Photography by Alexandre Paskanoi

Whether it’s her eclectic style, exceptional styling skills or her mesmerizing blog, Miu Koridi is the hot new blogger/stylist to watch out for in Montréal.

Miu Koridi.

Since being the most stylish girl in her high school, Koridi says that her fashion sense continues to evolve and she goes shopping almost every week. “I usually end up buying at least one new item and my biggest weakness is shoes,” she adds.

Koridi cites Carine Roitfeld as one of her styling influences.

After completing her education at Concordia University where she majored in marketing and Italian, Koridi pursued her interest in fashion design by entering the Montréal Academy of Fashion and Design, but quickly learned that styling was her biggest forte. She currently works at Dynamite in merchandising and production, and is also a full-time blogger.

Her blog is an expression of her passion, style and creativity, and features anything that inspires her, as well as various collaborations and visits to fashion destinations, including the Alexander McQueen exhibit in New York City. Koridi claims that the McQueen exhibition was one of the most breathtaking and memorable experiences to date.

When it comes to styling, Koridi says that she is greatly influenced by Carine Roitfeld, especially the work she has done with Tom Ford.

“I get inspired by colours, styles, subjects, celebrities, trends, magazines – everything really. Each shoot that we do for the blog has a theme. I’d love to raid the wardrobe of Daphne Guinness one day and I just can’t get enough of the Isabel Marant shoes,” Koridi shares.

The photoshoots featured in her blog are organized by Koridi and her talented fiancé, Alexandre Paskanoi. The dynamic duo work together as stylist and photographer, and add colour not only through fashion and remarkable imagery, but also by incorporating the work of a professional Montréal-based make-up artist, Ekaterina Ulyanoff.

Koridi's blog is exceptionally popular in Montréal.

The shoots are held in the most glamourous parts of Montréal , as well as other cities that Koridi and Paskanoi travel to. This includes Miami and New York. Koridi mostly uses her own clothing, but hopes that one day she will be able to become a professional stylist or get to work on editorial jobs. She says that she greatly regrets not being a journalist.

When it comes to favourite brands, Koridi loves to mix-and-match and claims that the cut and fabric are extremely important. She adores the talented Denis Gagnon, Barila, Isabel Marant and most things sold at Holt Renfrew.

For Koridi, every tiny detail is vital. The clothes must be of high quality, the fabric is extremely important and every piece worn must complement each other.

She is a big fan of statement accessories, paired with a plain white shirt, and says that shoes are one of the most important aspects of the look.

“A beautiful pair of shoes can really complete the outfit. If my house burned down, the first thing I’d try to save would be my shoes!”

Miu Koridi’s blog can be found at


A peek into the Miu Koridi world

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