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Living in the land of Kate Middleton and Alexander McQueen is a bit like being that wide-eyed kid in a gigantic candy store – the range of versatility and creativity of the fashion world reaches out to you, and the city becomes a Londoner’s personal runway.

Originally from Toronto, I’ve lived in three major cities on three different continents during the past three years. I marvel at the trends around me, whether I’m bundling up in my HBO scarf to go skating at the Nathan Philip’s Square in Toronto, wearing a skirt made out of colourful kanga material in Nairobi, or walking across Waterloo Bridge in my favourite black booties in London.

I have a journalism degree from Carleton University and have worked as a reporter, photographer, copy editor, public relations co-ordinator and journalism education researcher and trainer. I’m currently completing my MSc in Media, Communication and Development at the London School of Economics, where I blog about Life in London.

I love photography, travel, and improving my beginner Zumba and hip-hop skills.

Alas, London’s calling… And I need to go see what she’s wearing.


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