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I came to photography through my travels – as the daughter of an airline pilot, catching the travel bug was inevitable.

After getting my hands on my parents’ Polaroid for the first time and my first DSLR, I travelled around the world with a backpack. My camera became like a third arm, an extension of myself. Even when I’m not on an assignment, you’ll probably find me with it. What draws me most to photography is the ability to capture the tiniest of moments and turn them into something amazing, something that inspires the viewer to go out into the world, slow down and see the true beauty that lies all around us.

Fashion has always played an important part in my life – what I wear often reflects my mood and I find it’s a great way to express myself. As someone who is very visually inclined, I’m attracted to fashion photography for its beautiful aesthetic and the immense possibilities that it provides. I love shooting street style, as I get to capture people in their natural habitat.

Before starting out in photojournalism, I received a political science degree from McGill University. After dabbling in that world for a while, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to make a difference with politics in the way that I wanted to, so I went to complete a Master’s degree in photojournalism at Boston University. My thesis is still in its early stages (read: I’m still flip-flopping between a few subjects), but I love what I do, every day of it. I currently keep a photo blog of my wanderings, which is my own personal project. In my free time, you’ll often find me reading or wandering around Montréal, looking for my next idea. I also love cycling (my bicycle is my main mode of transportation) and going on adventures!


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