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I’m originally from Timmins Ontario and earned my journalism/film degree from Ottawa’s Carleton University. I currently reside in downtown Toronto, running my multimedia production house Stratasfear, where I spend my days producing and directing films, music videos, commercials, and consulting with businesses on web/design and content creation.  (I also built the website you’re on right now *ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo*)

I served three years as art director/production manager of Toronto daily commuter publication t.o.night (2009-2012), and three years as senior front-end developer at Brunico Communications (2013-2016), while co-hosting and producing a multimedia music series called The Indie Machine (2010-2014), where I hung out with bands while hosting weekly radio shows, booking concerts, and generally just talking music.

My photographic footing can be traced back to my pre-teen days on nature hikes as a Boy Scout, though back then it was more of a ‘take 24 pictures with a junky Polaroid point-and-shoot and hope at least a handful turn out’ kind of process.  I’ve always been most fascinated by film (and for obvious reason, costuming and special effects makeup), having directed a handful of shorts and web series in addition to an hour-long experimental film and a multitude of music performance and concert films.

I’m currently developing a series of short proof-of-concepts set in an interconnected sci-fi universe: my latest, Tempor Tempor – about a woman who travels back in time to torture a man for information about a crime he has yet to commit – is set for release in 2019. You can chat with me about it online @pricemeister.


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