Janine Silver


New York

I love to find a completely new way to look at something. Of course, you can take a gorgeous picture dead on, but I believe when you change your perspective you are able to find beauty in the most ordinary of places.

I got my first taste of the crazy, glamorous, hectic, wild fashion world working as intern in the art department of a modeling agency. I needed an internship for school and wanted to work at a big agency as an art director. The fact that I ended up in fashion was simply a happy accident. I was drawn in to the pre-fashion week madness but, unfortunately, had to leave to go back to school before New York Fashion Week began. After graduating, I changed directions and began working for several small arts and culture magazines, and fashion websites.

When I’m not taking photos or writing articles you can find me exploring and eating my way around the world. I also love theater, cooking and all styles of dance.


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