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I discovered photography through a gift from my grandfather. I was given a Minolta Camera from 1985 (coincidentally the year of my birth) that he had purchased in Japan, while also travelling to Prague in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic during the same year.

I’ve seen the pictures from this trip which were taken with the same camera during the Prague Spring, prior to the Velvet Revolution — they were breathtaking and are a view into a seldom-seen world.

To me, that’s what the camera has become — a gateway to the seldom-seen worlds, and views that it has traveled with me to. From the majority of the States and Canada, from England to the south of France, from Prague on my own all the way to Istanbul over land by train, and to Cairo and Beirut as well.

To say that photography is my passion in life would be an understatement, it is my life and a gift from past generations that I wish to spread.

I practice photography, mainly creatively, extensively and own my own business for this endeavour.

Photo credit: dannygirlphoto.com


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