Andra Balaci

Senior Reporter


Andra is a creative professional with a passion for style, aesthetics and travel. With a background in jewelry brand marketing, she has designed successful marketing strategies and campaigns for high-end brands such as William Henry, SOHO Jewelry and Thomas Sabo, as well as smaller businesses, personalities and entrepreneurs.

Beyond her work in the jewelry industry, Andra has collaborated with retail stores across Canada to create visually stunning and engaging in-store experiences. Her designs strive to capture the essence of beauty, while also effectively driving sales and establishing meaningful connections. She believes that details make the story, and stories make the brand. A brand’s soul should always shine through.

As a creative, she is committed to staying at the forefront of trends and technology. Through a blend of aesthetic flair and strategic thinking, she strives to create a world that is both beautiful and functional. Whether she is working with brands, retail stores or other creative ventures, Andra always brings her vision and dedication to the undertaking. And when she is not creating, learning or researching, she loves to promote innovative businesses and travel the world in search of inspiration.


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