Alex Mouganis


New York

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I’ve always been an artistic person. Photography is just one of the many ways I use to express myself. The thing about photography that attracts me is being able to use a precision instrument, such as a camera or a light source, to capture and enhance the beauty of any particular subject.

I’m currently intrigued by the juxtaposition of a female model and an architectural element. I find that the elegance of a model and structure of the architecture can have interesting results, depending on the look of the model and the condition of the architecture.

I’m also a very analytical thinker. My ability to visualize from multiple angles has given me an advantage in my career and separates me from my competition. When I see something that fascinates me, not only am I going to take a photo of it, but I’m also going to think about every possible angle I can shoot from, every light setting and combination I have available at the time, and  the composition.

I’ve met many different types of people thoughout my career and my success is based in part on my ability to connect with people from all walks of life. My biggest success to date was being asked to attend the Nolcha fashion week as the exclusive photographer for FAJO Magazine after living in NYC for a very short period of time. The coolest person I’ve photographed has to be Skrillex. Being in the DJ booth with him at the Electric Zoo Festival in New York was insane. My favourite hobbies are collaborating with my other creative friends, cooking, traveling and singing while playing guitar.


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