Top 5 spring coffees with Nespresso

May 2, 2018

Rain or shine, spring is finally here!

Every season we feature some of our favourite products on the market, and this time around we decided to shine the spotlight on the guilty pleasure of many of us (and many of our readers): coffee.

As always, our top pick goes out to the crowd-favourite—Nespresso. Undoubtedly, the brand produces some of the best coffee out there, which also happens to be incredibly convenient to make. Having said that, there are so many capsules and flavours to choose from that picking one can feel overwhelming. That’s why this season we chose to recommend our Top 5 that will cover all your bases, from sweet to bold to truly unique.

1. Ristretto

One of the Nespresso classics, Ristretto is a must-have. It has a strong aromatic profile/intensity, and comvines the best of South American Arabicas with East African Arabicas. The notes here combine fruity ones with roasted and chocolate ones.


2. Double Espresso Chiaro

Another essential, Double Espresso Chiaro has a very dark, smoky character. It’s highly roasted and moderately bitter, enriched by notes reminiscent of cocoa and vanilla. Perfect for your morning coffee.


3. Caramelizio

If you are looking for something on a sweeter side, make sure to pick Caremelizio. It has medium intensity and is just a truly delicious option. Key notes include caramelized sugar, and subtle hints of vanilla.


4. Dulsão do Brasil

For a sweet but more satin-like finish, try Dulsão do Brasil. A pure Arabica coffee, this is a delicate blend of red and yellow Bourbon beans with a distinctive note of toasted grain. It’s a more exotic flavour with a slightly lower intensity than some of the other Nespresso coffees.


5. Rosabaya de Colombia

Last but certainly not least, Rosabaya de Colombia is our final must-have. This is a more fruity option that, again, stands out from the other Nespresso flavours. This blend of Colombian Arabicas features notes of red fruits jam, and echoes winey flavours. You don’t want to miss it!



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