Triumph celebrates the bra’s 100th anniversary

June 26, 2014

Within the scope of celebrating bra’s 100th anniversary, lingerie company Triumph International launched Stand Up for Fit campaign to help women around the world find their perfect bra size. Moreover, the company released a new addition to its iconic Amourette collection.

Triumph International has a long and rich history. The company was created in 1886 by Spiesshofer and Braun in Germany as a small manufacturer of corsets. In the beginning of the century, inspired by the Paris Arc de Triomphe, they named their company “Triumph”. The brand became famous by creating lighter and natural-feeling corsets and later on – bras. They were pioneering innovations in lingerie manufacturing – invention of the the first strapless corset, changeable and flexible bra straps, front fastenings, incorporation of “Lycra” and nylon, creating sports bra, use of high-quality organic cotton and nickel-free hooks.

In 1998, they launched the “Simply Soft”  bra without seams, in which the wearer’s body heat causes the material to adapt to her shape.

Their newest release, Amourette Spotlight, is the modern version of the classic line, featuring a graphical floral lace design accompanied by the comfortable cut that accentuates feminine curves, while providing support and comfort all day long. It is available in classic black and white.

Amourette Spotlight

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Some tips by Triumph

According to the research conducted by Triumph, 76 per cent of women are wearing bras in the wrong size. Some of the signs that this might be the case are listed by the brand as follows:

  1. You’re uncomfortable.
  2. Your straps are digging into your shoulder.
  3. Your straps are falling off of your shoulders.
  4. Your bra is leaving marks or indentations on your body.
  5. Your underwire is sticking out.
  6. You’re spilling out of the sides of your cup.
  7. You’re overflowing out of your cup.
  8. The strap is causing a bulge in the back.
  9. The band keeps moving up in the back.
  10. The band does not rest flat against your back.
  11. There is a gap between your bra and your bust.
  12. The center of your bra does not rest on your skin.
  13. The cups are sagging or baggy.
  14. You’re experiencing issues with back pain, indigestion, restricted breathing, or neck pain.
  15. You’re in pain.

The company recommends that women get fitted every six months. They can do it at home, by following these simple guidelines:

1) Wear your best fitting regular bra (no padding or push-up) – measure in inches a straight line right under the root of the bust. If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches to the total. If the measurement is an even number, add 4 inches to the total. This number is your band size.

2) Measure the fullest part of the bust loosely, keeping the tape measure straight around the back and level with the floor (this will determine your cup size).

3) Take the bust measurement and subtract the band size. The difference between the two numbers is your cup size:

1” = A                    4” = D
2” = B                    5” = DD
3” = C                    6” = F

Or they can refer to the help of a bra expert.  Canadian women are able to have their measurements taken by an experienced bra fit stylist at select Hudson’s Bay locations simply by either booking an appointment at or dropping in the store.

By Darina Granik
Photography by Triumph

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