Celebrity GREY GOOSE Blue Door pop up lounge at the Sundance Film Festival

January 27, 2014

Earlier this month, the GREY GOOSE Blue Door pop up lounge, in Park City, Utah, once again celebrated top talent within the film industry.

Occupying its usual place at the Sundance Film Festival – in the centre of Main Street – for the third year, the lounge hosted a series of screenings and cocktail parties for selected nominated films.

Without surprise, the screenings drew cast members, studio executives and celebrities, including Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, John C. Reilly, Luke Wilson, Chloe Moretz and Jeff Baena.

The first night of screenings kicked off with a dinner for the cast of The Skeleton Twins, followed by a screening of the film. Bringing the night to a close, was a screening of Wish I Was Here – a film receiving buzz after Director, Zach Braff, raised more than $3 million dollars to fund it using a Kickstarter campaign.

Characterized by cocktail parties, night two consisted of a screening of Low Down, The Voices and Life After Beth.

The third night began with a cast party ahead of the world premiere for Song One. The film, which stars Anne Hathaway, was entered into the Dramatic Competition and was Director, Kate Barker-Froyland’s first feature effort.

Following this was William H. Macy’s directorial debut, in Rudderless, where Macy and the “Rudderless Band” performed a few humorous, off-colour songs, before DJ Spider closed the night with a short set.

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By Jill Adams
Photography by Grey Goose

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