Phantom Glass officially released across Canada

July 19, 2015

With people using their electronics more frequently, damage is becoming more common. Recent release of Phantom Glass across Canada aims to serve as an easy solution to this problem.

Company’s owner and founder, 20-year-old Richard Waters, says he was unimpressed with the existing options on the market: “It irritated me to see bubbling, peeling and scratched screen protectors, and having friends with broken phones … I wanted to develop a product that actually worked.”

The new screen protector has two unique coatings: a silicone nano-adhesion layer, which ensures easy installation and fills surface scratches on older devices; and an oleophobic nano-coating that allows fingerprints to wipe off with ease.

Each package has a small instructions guide that clearly outlines how the screen protector should be applied. All the necessary tools are also included: the alcohol swab to wipe off any grease or dirt, a microfibre cloth to remove any dust, and the screen protector itself that is placed in a plastic applicator case with sticker arrows, making it extremely easy to apply correctly, without bubbles or partial adhesion.

Once applied, the device’s screen is exceptionally clear, with no distortion, but is also thick enough to protect the screen from any future damage because it is made from tempered glass.

To ensure maximum impact and scratch protection for devices ranging from cellphones and laptops to tablets and cameras, Phantom Glass comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, the product can be developed for all touch-screen devices of any generation, and is available in different colours.

Phantom Glass can be found across Canada in stores and online. For more information, visit Phantom.Glass.

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By FAJO’s editorial team
Photography by / courtesy of Phantom Glass

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