Morfosis, fall/winter 2017/2018

March 23, 2017

Rome-based Morfosis recently presented its latest collection at the AltaRoma fashion week.

Designer Alessandra Cappiello once again embodies the brand’s style approach in her latest fall/winter 2017/2018 presentation.

The company’s vision is best reflected in its logo, which is inspired by the Rorschach inkblots: metamorphosis, the common theme to all the collections, is an individual way to interpret a visual stimulus, but also to wear and contextualize a garment. The inclusion of floral elements adds a touch of femininity and distinction and, above all, refers to the preference given to natural raw materials.

The new collection perfectly echoes this design approach. Here is the video of the runway show, as well as the images from the latest Morfosis lookbook.

Runway presentation

Morfosis Fashion Show FW1718 | AltaRoma from Studio DModa on Vimeo.


Lookbook highlights


By FAJO's editorial team
Photography by / courtesy of Studio DModa

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