Levi’s Commuter Series: spring 2012

March 5, 2012

By Julia Eskins

Photography and videography courtesy of Levi’s

The newest Levi’s Commuter Series for spring 2012 is designed to help urban cyclists brave the elements with style and functionality.

Hitting Levi’s stores just in time for the spring biking season, the menswear line combines the use of absorbent all-weather materials and smart utilitarian details, including built-in U-lock holsters and 3M reflective inner cuff seams.

This collection combines absorbent all-weather materials and smart utilitarian details.

While still retaining the classic design associated with the brand, the Commuter Series allows for an easy transition from bike seat to boardroom. Pedaling commuters will not only take comfort in the additional mobility features, but also the oh-so-important details, such as the pants’ raised back panel to minimize lower back exposure when riding.

Following last year’s launch of Levi’s Commuter clothing in the United States, the latest collection includes a revamped selection of jackets, shirts and pants.

Stand out pieces from the line feature a new All Weather Commuter Trucker Jacket and re-engineered trousers with more stretch, pockets and reinforced gussets to prevent wear and tear. The use of venting, odor-reducing fabrics and 3XDRY technology plays into the line’s aim to keep commuters dry and comfortable regardless of weather conditions.

The spectrum of colours and fabrics expands in this collection.

Staying true to the bright colour trend of spring 2012, the line has introduced an expanded variety of pant shades, ranging from vibrant red to khaki.

Fashion-forward commuters will appreciate the chambray button-up work shirt and even more so, the lengths that Levi’s has gone to keep urban cyclists comfortable as they stylishly dart from A to B.

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