Talking beauty with Jaimie Hilfiger

September 28, 2015

It’s 10:30 a.m. in Miami, Florida, and Jaimie Hilfiger has already been to Whole Foods, the bakery, and had a phone call with her uncle, the designer Tommy Hilfiger. Given her bubbly morning attitude, you would never guess she went out last night.

“I feel like a super woman this morning,” the petite blonde laughs, “and the whole rest of my day is completely booked.” Hilfiger is not just a model; with a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Central California, she is also a columnist for Huffington Post, and recently guest-starred on E’s televisions show New Money. In addition, she has plans to launch a women’s loungewear line and recently collaborated on a skin care line with La Curcio.

FAJO met up with Hilfiger to talk about her beauty line and find out what’s trending this fall.

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Jaimie Hilfiger is glam in her new beauty campaign photos.

VIOLET MACLEOD: How did your collaboration with La Curcio begin?

JAIMIE HILFIGER: I’ve always been really interested in the beauty business. A lot of people assume that since my last name is Hilfiger, I would immediately go into the fashion industry. I love it, of course, but my heart is really in make-up and skin care products.

I was approached by La Curcio around the spring of 2014, and the founder and CEO of the company was like, ‘We’d love for you to try our products, we’ll send you the full line.’ After switching to La Curcio, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I have a highly sensitive skin and living in Miami, with the humidity and the sun – it’s just crazy. The CEO explained to me that La Curcio is made without any parabens, is not tested on animals and is chemical-free. It’s made in the U.S.A. It’s an all around high-end product that’s also really good for your skin.

Your capsule collection includes three items: hand cream, luxury mist and lip balm. Are there plans to extend the line and develop new products?

Absolutely, we started to think that way last year: that we were going to come out with new products every season. Our next collection is going to launch around the holidays, in winter, and it’s going to be a ‘pick-me-up’ kit. I’m originally from New York and you just kind of get tired of your routine. You’re looking in the mirror sometimes and thinking, ‘I need a pick-me-up, what can I use to get back to my spring/summer self again?’ So, we’re coming out with three products, and they’re going to be facemasks, luxurious serums and other luxury products that La Curcio doesn’t already have.

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How did you separate your image from your uncle’s?

I feel that it was easy because our styles are so different. His style is very classic, red, white and blue. He always takes the basics, polo shirts, dress shirts – the staple items – but puts a classic twist on them. I think it’s amazing, but that’s just not my style. I’m very into sparkly, very girly things: pink, silver, gold, cream and embellishments. I love luxury and heavy, rich fabrics.

What would you say is the number one thing everyone should start doing today to improve their skin?

I think it’s really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle because no matter what you hear, what you put into your body is obviously going to be projected out on your skin. Also, I feel that it’s never too late to start a great skin care routine. My mom is around 50 and once she switched to La Curcio she saw dramatic results.

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Hilfiger’s capsule collection with La Curcio includes a hand cream, a luxury mist and a lip balm.

Could you share a beauty trick or tip with us, like how to disguise tired eyes?

It’s always good to soak chamomile tea bags in cold water and place them over your eyes, that’s really refreshing. Or a lot of people say to put a cucumber slice or a cold pad over your eyes.

What beauty and fashion trends are you seeing for fall?

For beauty, I’m seeing matte skin with a smoky navy blue cat eye and a pale nude lip. I just saw a Chanel advertisement and the model had a navy blue cat eye; I thought it was so cool.

In fashion, I’ve been seeing a lot of camel colour out and I think that’s always a classic and chic colour for the fall, regardless if it’s in style or not. You can never go wrong with wearing camel colour purses, coats, shoes, shift dresses, the whole nine. (laughs)


By Violet MacLeod
Photography by / courtesy of Jaimie Hilfiger

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