Dancing under the stars: the Igloofest experience

February 15, 2024

Once upon a winter’s night in Montreal, the Old Port came alive with the echoes of music, the shimmering of lights and the enchanting ambiance of Igloofest. From January 18 to February 10, the historic Quai Jacques-Cartier witnessed four magical weekends, drawing crowds into the heart of the city. As the final sounds faded away, the event left behind a tapestry of fabulous memories, showcasing why Igloofest is an annual love affair for the city.

Since its inception in 2007, Igloofest has offered music enthusiasts a unique opportunity to dance beneath the winter sky—a tradition that continued to captivate in 2024. This year’s lineup, featuring a delightful mix of local talent and international stars both well-established and emerging, spun the hottest beats. Adding to the magic, Montreal experienced unusual mild winter temperatures that created the best dancing conditions. 

The winter decor seamlessly blended with both the industrial and old-world charm of the city, transforming the Old Port into a mesmerizing winter wonderland. The architectural scenography, with its captivating visuals, added an extra layer of magic to the festival. Beyond the melodies, attendees reveled in the playful Igloovillage, set against the backdrop of Montreal’s iconic ferris wheel, complete with marshmallows and friendly yetis—the festival’s fun mascots.

As the final beats vibrated through the Old Port, this year’s Igloofest concluded on an unforgettable note. Montrealers and visitors became characters in this winter tale, dancing, laughing and creating lasting memories under the winter sky. Igloofest, once again, etched its place as a must-attend event, leaving the city eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this Montreal enchanting experience.

Photos courtesy of Igloofest Montreal. 


Story by Andra Balaci

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