FAJO Photoshoot: Santa Monica

August 28, 2018

In this project, titled Santa Monica, FAJO’s Senior Photographer Kareen Mallon matches bright and playful fabric print with that of the youthful spirit of summer nostalgia.

Entirely shot on the ground of the Toronto Sunnyside Pavilion, Mallon used various camera angles and posing, and this famous 1922 landmark was skillfully transformed into the iconic pier of California.

“I have always been drawn to California and its glowing energy,” says Mallon. “I wanted to create a shoot that mixed youthful innocence and a strong bold design. It’s a slice from the neon colour of the early ‘90s. Playing with this timeline and setting gave the models just that hint of rebellious teenage angst that we can all connect with. Hayley Elsaesser’s wardrobe creations perfectly suited this theme with funky graphics and patterns that have a retro throwback to the electric colours of my own youth.”

“For the storyboard of this shoot, I wanted to capture moments in time: snippets of summer with friends, laughing, lounging, being goofy, but always trying to keep that cool factor. I wanted to take the viewer back to their own memories of endless summer days of sleeping in, hanging at the beach and slushies from the local 7/11.”

Glasses: GUILD eyewear.

Wardrobe: Hayley Elsaesser.

Jewelry: Park Lane Jewelry.

Skates: Provided by GoldieLock from MyRollLife.com








By Kareen Mallon
Art Direction by Kareen Mallon of Electrafire Studios
Photography by Kareen Mallon of Electrafire Studios
Stylist: Veronica Hufana, on-set stylist: Nadine Christie
Make-up Artist: Fatemah Wadi, Cru6 Beauty, makeup provided by MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Dylan Dias, Cru6 Beauty
Models: Marina and Michal (both from AMTI), Laura (BNM)

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