Toronto Fashion Week fall/winter 2011: Installment II

March 31, 2011

By Hannah Yakobi

Photography by Kalynn Friesen

On the second busiest day of the Toronto Fashion Week, several renowned designers presented their collections. Their shows were exceptionally varied and the diversity of trends was overwhelming.

Many celebrities were present in the audience, including Jeanne Beker (who was also featured in Jay Manuel’s show-opener video). Several shows were so popular that the event was over capacity and those who got to the venue late didn’t manage to get a seat.

Comrags’ collection was practical simplicity. It was neat, feminine and extremely comfortable. This was definitely one of the most popular collections presented.


Attitude by Jay Manuel was colourful, risqué and sexy. The entire show was reminiscent of the Lights-Camera-Action idea, with a strong Hollywood glamour feel. The catwalk was covered with black glass just for this show. Many of the models in the show were past winners of the America’s Next Top Model and Canada’s Next Top Model. A guest modelling appearance was also made by the renowned Yasmin Warsame.

Yasmin Warsame in Attitude by Jay Manuel.

David Dixon celebrated his 16th year in the business with a collection aptly titled Sweet Sixteen. He opened the show with a dedication to his mother, by showing photos of his parents. He then took the audience on a trip to the past, by first showing several pieces from his previous collections, dating back to the 90s. Immediately after, Dixon presented his classically elegant fall/winter 2011 line – Escape to Jakarta – that made the audience gasp in amazement.

David Dixon.

Full trend report


  1. Small-pattern stockings
  2. Brogues, stiletto heel boots
  3. Shift dresses
  4. Light coats with medium-width belts
  5. Shades of black and charcoal
  6. Petite slits at the back of the dresses
  7. Ankle-length skirts
  8. Straight-cut suits with leather belts
  9. Silks, wool
  10. Medium-sized bows on shirt shoulders
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Attitude by Jay Manuel

  1. One-button suit jackets
  2. Cowl necks
  3. Flare trousers and flare jeans
  4. Pleated skirts
  5. Cardigans
  6. Faux fur
  7. Stiletto-heeled pumps, knee-high stiletto boots paired with black and bright-coloured stockings
  8. Ties
  9. Knit berets, head scarves
  10. Greys, charcoal, black, greyish-blue, browns, tanned greens, cherry, blush, raspberry, marine, turquoise
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David Dixon

  1. Oversized jewelry and oversized bow belts
  2. Frocks
  3. Silk-wool, georgette appliqué lace, Italian matte jersey, digital python charmeuse, laser-cut clover, grass taffeta, flannel appliqué chiffon
  4. The power colour combination – red, black and white
  5. Fringe dresses
  6. Tile prints
  7. Asymmetrical numbers
  8. Peep-toe wedges
  9. Thick belts
  10. Coats à la poncho
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Best dressed gallery

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