AltaRomAltaModa — high fashion in Italy

February 14, 2013

By Amalia Bentivoglio

Photography by Stefano Strippoli

Couture never looked this good. AltaRomAltaModa’s spring/summer 2013 fashion week focused on several key trends: colours of the rainbow, jewel-inspired handbags and luxurious fabrics, all presented with great runway soundtracks.

The Rome fashion scene is slowly evolving and becoming a metropolis of cultural diversity. Over the years, the show has attracted designers from all over the world, including South Korea, Lebanon and Palestine, who have decided to make Rome the home of their ateliers.

This season, the runways of Rome were filled with glamour, creativity and sophisticated chic.

This season’s shows clearly confirmed that evolution. From Sarli’s Sicilian-inspired collection and Jamal Taslaq’s Asian homage to Stella Jean’s journey into Amerindian culture and across the African coasts, it was like a fashion trip around the world without leaving your seat. Then there was Gianni Molaro’s collection that took the audience to another era with his two-metre long tusk platform shoes and 18th century crinoline-engorged gowns.

Gattinoni’s show was definitely a highlight at this season’s fashion week, not only for its collection but for choosing the Salon d’Honneur at the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions as its runway. It was like attending a reunion, but instead of being surrounded by generations of people, you were surrounded by generations of couture.

As days went by, perfect pastels graced many runways, but it was the many shades of blue that had a recurring appearance. Black, greens and yellows were strongly present as well. Abed Mahfouz and Tony Ward both presented a plethora of pastels with a touch of metallic fabrics — a combination that made their collections très charming chic. Garden-inspired florals and bright graphic prints also made repeat appearances by designers like Mireille Dagher and Suzanne Susceptible.

The designers who exhibited at the A.I. Gallery this season, like Stefania Lucchetta’s three-dimensional jewelry and Badura’s jewel-inspired handbags, would definitely satisfy any fashionista’s hunger for accessories. Delicate, yet bold, these pieces will undoubtedly be in style this spring.

When you are in Rome and surrounded by its beauty and history, it’s impossible not to fall in love with everything around you, fashion included. It’s where the uninspired come to get inspired and where the inspired come to make art.

60 images from the runway

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