Issue 08

The Love Issue

Caitlin Cronenberg is on FAJO's cover this month. Photography by Robin Gartner. Graphic design by Kalynn Friesen.

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to The Love Issue!

Forget Valentine’s Day – I encourage you to celebrate those people you love, and those who matter the most, all month long. Better even, why not celebrate them all year?

In this issue, we help spread the love by covering various topics – be they clothes or make-up that you will adore, getting involved in charity endeavours that help raise awareness for a good cause, looking at romance-inspired clothing – it’s all about finding happiness and positive energy in different aspects of life.

Love is a curious creature – it can arrive when you least expect it and dissipate just as quickly. On our cover this month is Caitlin Cronenberg, who is currently working with her friend on a book that will focus on break-ups. Cronenberg says that they aren’t necessarily only looking at heartbreak, but at diverse emotions that surround ending a relationship. After all, when something ends, something else begins.

Enjoy this issue and don’t forget to love those around you, but also to love yourself,

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