Unstopable Infusions by Downy

January 13, 2014

Scents play an important role in our lives. We associate them with objects, people and often unforgettable memories. With this in mind, Downy has created several unique collections, Downy Infusions™ — a fabric softener with a fresh, invigorating scent — and Downy Unstopables™ — an in-wash scent booster.

Doing laundry has never been more fun, as Downy has turned it into a game of mix-and-match. Pair your favourite fabric softener with your choice of a scent booster, and you never know what can happen!

The Infusions line was originally inspired by women’s desires to surround themselves with accessible luxury in their daily lives. The concept expanded into six customized Infusions: Honey Flower, Lavender Serenity, Orchid Allen, Spice Blossom, Citrus Spice and Sage Jasmine. The seventh scent — Cashmere Glow — was also recently added.

The Unstopables™ collection is available in five scents: Fresh, Lush, Shimmer, Spring and Glow.

The most refreshing combinations we found are:

–          Cashmere Glow x Fresh

–          Lavender Serenity x Spring

–          Citrus Spice x Glow

Downy also recently brought a globally-recognized fragrance and perfume expert Sue Phillips to Toronto, and she gave us some interesting tips on why scents are so central to our lives.

Here are the key ideas we took away from her presentation:

–          smell is a pure emotional sense

–          it is the second strongest sense we have

–          never smell a fragrance when you are hungry; you won’t be able to truly experience it otherwise

Keeping these concepts in mind while trying Downy products is helpful, and makes the whole experience even more fun!

When you mix Downy Infusions™ fabric softener with Downy Unstopables™ scent beads, you’ll get a vibrant, fresh scent you’re sure to love. Downy Infusions™ provide softness and an elegant layered scent experience. Add Downy Unstopables™ for freshness that lasts up to 12 weeks. Mix & Match your own signature scent here: http://www.downy.com/en-CA/products/downy-fortune-smeller.jspx

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