Super Mom: tips and tricks for a successful morning with Kortney Wilson

May 4, 2017

Kortney Wilson, a host of HGTV’s Masters of Flip, is not only a TV personality but a mother of three, a home-teacher for her kids, and a wife. How does she balance it all?

This month, Kortney has partnered with Quaker oats and shared with our readers her secret tips that are key to having a productive and stress-free day for the whole family.

In advance of Mother’s Day, Kortney Wilson shares her tips on how to win all mornings and be as efficient as possible with day planning.

Do you have any morning rituals?

I try to front-load everything and do it the night before. I attribute that to my “overnight success”. I have three kids, so I get their backpacks ready, put my daughter’s clothes out the night before, and usually make breakfast in advance: overnight oats in little mason jars, with a bunch of fruit that is specific to my kids’ liking.

In your opinion, what are the top things that successful people, including you, do in the morning?

One of them is putting my make-up on before my kids are up, so I’m ready for the whole day. As a mom, the second thing is making sure that I go to each of their beds and snuggle them. That seems to start off their day really well. I also make sure they are fed something wholesome, like Quaker oats, and have some dairy products, and definitely fruit.

One of my other big tricks is having a playlist, which keeps us going and keeps us on track in the morning, based on what song we are on. When we get to ABC by The Jackson 5, I know that we should be in the car! It also puts us all in a pretty good mood.

Last item would be: comedy. Mornings can be hectic, especially with three kids and a husband, who I call my fourth child. We need to laugh!

How does Quaker help you organize your day?

There are very few meals that I can actually prep beforehand and don’t have to heat up. The idea that I can grab and go, especially on a couple of mornings in a given week, is great. And kids enjoy eating in the car!

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What are your favourite Quaker products and why?

We do a lot of oats. We do a lot of snack bars too, which is the easiest way to get to a hockey practice or gymnastics. And Quaker Instant Oatmeal has been a staple in our family for years.

I read that you love shoes and you have around 100 pairs. What are your top 3 favourite pairs that are perfect for a hectic schedule?

My favourite pair of heels is actually a grey, tweed, cork pair that is as comfortable as flats. They have a little opening at the toe, so I can wear them in the fall, spring and summer.

I also have really cute nude shoes, so they go with everything. They are my go-to when I travel.

My third would be an amazing pair of stiletto boots. They are black and fabulous! I don’t wear them often, because I’m not gonna lie: they are the most uncomfortable shoes I have. (laughs) But man — they are cute!






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By Darina Granik
Photography by / courtesy of Kortney Wilson and Quaker

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