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January 28, 2016

The wedding season officially starts in spring, but the planning for those getting married this year is already in full swing. Some of the coolest, trendiest and most memorable celebrations will undoubtedly feature a photo booth, providing guests with a variety of selfie options. There will be different backdrops, colourful props and various photo-display combinations.

As the popularity of this medium continues to rise, we catch up with the owner of one of the most successful photo booth businesses in the province — Gaetano Isidori of PhotoboothTO: Toronto Photo Booth Co. — who tells all about his company’s growth and shares tips on how to create a fully interactive photo booth experience.

photoboothTO recently won the Couples’ Choice Award from the renowned Wedding Wire!

Please describe your business mantra.

Specialize and make it the best. I believe in this because when you specialize in something, you can do it well and keep your brand in higher demand.

Photo booths are a staple in the event and wedding industries now, because it’s all about sharing and enjoying a fun moment with old and new friends. These special events happen once a year or once in a lifetime. There’s only so much time people can spend at a party and each hour is precious to keeping everyone entertained.

An event is measured and remembered by its energy. We keep the photo booth going non-stop from the moment it starts.

All ready to celebrate with a photo booth and a glamorous backdrop.

What makes a good photo booth? 

    • Unlimited photos – when groups of people see their photos printed, everyone wants a copy, and we provide unlimited photos while most other companies do not.
    • High-quality photography – our photo booths come with the best photography equipment, optimized camera settings and studio-lighting to make all your photos pop out.
    • Fun-loving, professional attendant – a member of our team who interacts with guests at the photo booth represents us, so we ensure each attendant has a positive character and people skills to give you and your guests the best experience and photos.
    • Attracting people to the booth – having the booth set up in an area that’s going to get the most flow of people walking by, or creating extra attention to the booth through custom vinyl-wrapping/branding/designing the skin of the booth attracts more people and gets the best value out of this experience.

Party snapshot: guests enjoy photoboothTO at #FAJOsocial 2015


What do people like the most in their photo booth selfie experience? 

People like to break the ice, enjoy the event and capture fun moments. An instant printed photo to keep forever just tops everything off. A photo booth brings people together and takes away the pressure of a formal event. It helps guests to be their real selves more naturally. This is usually not achievable by any photographer as the photo booth creates a personal space for people to open up, just as the selfie does on a smart phone.

What makes your photo booths unique?

    • Real-time slideshows: Features photos taken inside the booth that pop-up on the build-in side screen above the printer slot, which entertains your guests waiting in line to use the booth as well as those just watching nearby.
    • Flexible customization options: We offer custom backdrops, customized photo strips, vinyl wrapping/designing the outside of the booth to be any colour/style.
    • Unlimited Instant Photos: If 10 people go into a photo booth and only 2 photos are printed, that’s no fun. We print unlimited instant copies included free in our packages.
    • Awesome attendants: Our attendants are young, tech-savvy, professional and very sociable!
    • Reputation for successful events and great service with very competitive pricing: We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world for their special launch events, and have been chosen by hundreds of brides and grooms because we provide specialized service at competitive rates.

How can potential clients find you/get in touch with you?

We recommend requesting availability on our website. To check out more on Toronto’s top choice for photo booth rentals, visit photoboothTO – Toronto Photo Booth Co. or call/text us your questions at 647-302-6615. And catch us on Instagram at @photoboothTO!





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