Lux Second Chance: it all began with 23 designer bags

March 8, 2020

Chanel, Hermès, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and 150+ other luxury brands. What do all of them have in common? They can be found on Lux Second Chance‘s international website.

Lux Second Chance is a luxury resale company with an online store that is an efficient, economical way to buy preloved designer luxury, with savings of up to 80% off retail. The brand’s slogan “for the love of authentic luxury” says it all: all products are extremely high-end, authenticated and well-curated. You can choose from thousands of new and used luxury handbags, shoes, jewelry and watches.

With its head office in Toronto, Canada, the company also has locations in France, United States and United Kingdom. Its stylish founder Diana Nguyen started the business due to her love for luxury products. She lived all over the world, including Australia and Southeast Asia, but when she moved back to Toronto in 2015, Nguyen realized that there was a gap in the luxury fashion market here.

“I love high-end apparel, but I also always want to get the best deal,” says Nguyen. “When I lived in Asia, I would buy luxury bags and jewelry from consignment stores, mainly because they had an amazing selection and value. You could get a classic Chanel handbag in Japan for $1,000. But, when I came back to Canada, I noticed we didn’t have what exists in other parts of the world. The consignment stores in Canada were not of the same caliber — lacking in quality, value and most definitely selection.” Simultaneously, Nguyen realized that after living abroad for 7 years, she had accumulated a lot of clothing and accessories that she no longer wanted. Many of these items were also in excellent condition.

Lux Second Chance’s founder, Diana Nguyen.

“I moved all my stuff and thought: ‘What will I do with this?’ That’s how I started my business, so I could sell things, buy things and offer that service to others too.”

And so it began: with 23 designer bags. Nguyen wanted to sell them and decided to put the word out to all her contacts: some of them helped with building the LSC site, others assisted with graphics, and soon the company was officially in operation.

“In Canada, we are the largest luxury resale company in terms of inventory size,” says Nguyen. “We source and curate beautiful collections of high-end brands, featuring both timeless classics, and trendy, in-the-moment items, many of which are not available in North American markets. Some rare pieces even come from private sales, having never been available on retail shelves. So, much of the world’s best designer luxury items that were previously inaccessible to you can now be yours for the taking.”

Nguyen has built a powerhouse business with presence in 4 countries and on 2 continents.

With global focus on the environment, buying luxury products has never been more important, because of their quality and, therefore, longevity. Since Lux Second Chance is a resale store, it extends the life of each product even further, by simply changing its owners.

Nguyen and her business also regularly give back to the community. “I believe in giving back, caring for others and caring for our environment, so as part of Lux Second Chance’s commitment, we are a proud member of the Upside Foundation of Canada and Sick Kids Foundation,” says Nguyen.

And with International Women’s Day today, it’s the perfect time to treat someone special in your life, by getting them a meaningful gift that is not only going to make them happy but will also contribute to an amazing charity and be better for the environment!

You can browse the designer directory at Lux Second Chance, learn about their authentication process and shop directly on their website.

For additional inspiration, visit their Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Photo credits: Nick Merzetti, Nicholas Pham and courtesy of Lux Second Chance. Feature image with Diana Nguyen and her Lux Second Chance team.


Story by Hannah Yakobi

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