Fun holiday beauty ideas with Veet

November 26, 2018
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The holiday season is almost here, and you may have already started to brainstorm shopping ideas on what to get for everyone on your list!

For any woman, a great gift (and an excellent item for a Christmas stocking, in particular) would be a package from Veet. Personally, I’ve been using Veet since I was a teenager, growing up in Europe. The brand is very popular there and I’ve always enjoyed the convenience of their products. There are so many hair removal options with Veet and they work well no matter the season.

So, ahead of the holidays, here are the top 5 products from this brand, including their latest releases. You can get each one individually, or arrange them together for one large and fabulous holiday package!

1. Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Expert

If you had to choose just one item from Veet, then this is your hands-down winner. The Styler is a new release by the brand and it works miracles if you want to target hair removal in delicate areas, focusing specifically on the eyebrows, underarms and the bikini area. No more “ouch” experience, that’s for sure.

The Styler features two changeable heads that allow three different trimming settings—one is specifically for the face, and includes two-sided precision blades for optimal eyebrow shaping; while the second head is larger, and features a 20 mm blade for the bikini and underarms area.

The package also includes two comb attachments that can be affixed on top of the trimming heads. Their primary role is to drive the hair to the cutting blade which, therefore, prevents direct contact with the skin.

A pink beauty pouch is also provided, where you can keep all the parts of the machine in a simple and compact manner.


2. and 3. Veet Easy-Gelwax Wax Strips

There are many options here, and they are particularly effective at removing the shortest hair. A typical package includes 20 wax strips and 2 Perfect Finish wipes.

For dry skin, the Aloe Vera & Lotus Flower Fragrance option would work the best.


If you have sensitive skin, the Almond Oil & Vitamin E version would be ideal.


With Veet Wax Strips, you can have exfoliated skin instantly and smoothness that lasts up to four weeks. They’re easy to use, as the special Easy Grip™ tab helps you develop expert technique to remove hair from the roots in one easy move.

4. Veet Precision Wax Strips

For extremely sensitive and small areas, such as the upper lip, cheeks and chin, you should opt for the Precision Wax Strips that also use the Easy-Gelwax technology. They feature 12 wax strips and 3 finish wipes, and also have the Almond Oil & Vitamin E sensitive formula.


5. Veet Hair Removal Creams

Last, but certainly not least, are the world-renowned Veet depilatory creams. If you don’t like the sensation of using wax strips, then this is a pain-free and easy way to remove hair.

These creams break down the structure of your hair and dissolve the keratin, leaving the hair weak. Hair then falls loose from its follicle and you can simply wipe it away with a spatula.

Traditionally, depilatory creams have a reputation of a bad smell. Veet successfully addressed this issue with its Silk & Fresh™ Hair Removal Creams range and developed these creams with a fragrance technology, meaning there is no lingering smell during or after the hair removal process. The aloe vera and Vitamin E in the cream work throughout to hydrate your skin, keeping it soft and moisturized.


Having personally tried many of Veet’s competitor products over the years, I can vouch that this brand’s releases are the best on the market. They would make a very practical and useful gift, so make sure you have them on your list.

These products are available at major Canadian retailers, including Shoppers Drug Mart and

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!


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