Mother’s Day guide: for mommy and baby

May 5, 2015

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, this year, we decided to do something special for all new mothers, mothers-to-be and their little ones.

Take a look at our special guide below for hand-selected products by some of the best Canadian and American brands. You will want to add all of them to your shopping list.

For mom

B Mats by B Yoga

Namaste, FAJO moms! Stay in shape and enjoy yoga to the fullest with the B Mat Strong.

Clear your mind, get back the pre-baby body and meditate; the B Mat Strong provides you with the support and comfort you need to attain your goal. It is also available in different sizes/lengths.

In addition, the mat is a great choice for Hot Yoga aficionados, as it prevents your wrists from sliding. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours and is perfect for a higher impact practice.

Shop online or find a retail location at


Mayana Genevière’s Opulence collection

“Motherhood is a re-birth of yourself” says Nadine Woods, the designer behind Mayana Genevière. Feeling sexy and breastfeeding should not be mutually exclusive, and now it’s not!

Mayana Genevière is the perfect place for a nursing mother to obtain the softest and most elegant maternity lingerie. With the special Aluxtra clasp free-nursing technology, the Lorena bra from the Opulence collection offers elegance, sensuality, premium support and 100% organic cotton lining.

You’re on your way to that flat tummy with the yoga mat, and Mayana Geneviere’s all-in-one waist cincher will help you get there that much faster. This piece is like a corset for your waist, helping your skin snap back faster into its original tightness pre-baby, and leaving you looking comfortable and fabulous in that summer dress post-baby. This postpartum shapewear is also made with 100% organic cotton, designed specifically to provide abdominal support postpartum, and the perfectly breathable fabric leaves you dry and sexy as you express post-birth water retention.

Visit for store locations and full collection details.



For baby

Wheat Canada’s clothing line

Made in Canada with a touch of Scandinavian flare, Wheat Canada is the new best thing for your mini fashionistas and fashionistos. Danish designed clothing for babies and kids, allows your little one to be stylish and comfortable in 100% cotton, machine-washable clothing.

Here at FAJO we absolutely love the Overall in Tomato, paired perfectly with the white T-shirt, both made from breathable, comfortable and uber stylish 100% cotton.

Shop online at



Giftagram’s Jarod scooter

If you still haven’t heard of Giftagram, you’ve been living under a rock. One of the most popular shopping apps currently on the market, Giftagram allows you to make purchases either for yourself, or allow your friends and loved ones to shower you or your little one with gifts.

With just a few clicks, you can get this gorgeous retro vanilla scooter from Jarod delivered to your doorsteps and make your toddler the coolest kid on the block. The scooter will allow them to safely begin learning how to ride a bike without having to start with training wheels. Its retro design is fully equipped with inflatable tires and a wooden base, making it suitable for both boys and girls.

Available on Giftagram. Download Giftagram from the app store on your phone.



For mom and baby

The Laundress

Before your little one was born, the skin on your hands was the most important thing to keep moisturized. Now, you can add your baby’s full body to the list. We all know how fragile the little one’s skin is and it can now be protected with the help of The Laundress, another Canadian gem.

Armed with an ivy league education from Cornell University, the founders of The Laundress have created a highly effective, non-toxic, plant-based detergents that guarantee to keep your baby happy and their clothes crispy clean. These all-natural formulas allow you to get out stains from any white clothing and keep all colours bright and radiant. The detergent and stain remover are both gentle on your skin but also safe for machine usage.

Visit for a full list of Canadian retailers.

Baby Detergent ($28)  and Stain Solution ($22)


By Ada Yakobi
Photography by / courtesy of all brands &

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