8 tips to help you be the best guest at a wedding

January 29, 2018

You slowly open the crisp white envelope. The Invitation slides out easily enough. Engraved in big bold letters are the words: “You are cordially invited…”. You quickly scan the invitation for the time and date.

Now, the most important questions come. What are you going to wear? What are you going to bring? There are a lot of factors to consider, including time of year, time of day and overall “wedding vibe”.

FAJO continues its wedding series but, this time, we shift gears as we focus on the guests. See our tips and tricks on how to be the best guest. (And if you are the one getting married, check out the other articles in our series including how to pick your wedding favours and tips for your engagement shoot.


1. Dress for the day. A wedding normally means a long day. You want to dress comfortably and for the setting. Keep an eye out for “preferred attire” on the invitation. Black tie? Long formal dresses are a must. Cocktail? Mid-length pieces can do the trick. Family BBQ style? A nice summer dress will suffice too. Just don’t wear white!

2. You don’t have to buy something new. Some people feel they have to buy new clothes for a wedding. Our advice? Go shopping in your closet first. See what you have. But if you want to treat yourself and find a new outfit, pick something you can wear at different events and get more out of. There are even options where you can rent clothes.

3. Shoes: stylish but comfortable. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding, an indoor setting in a restaurant or a convention centre, you want to ensure you wear something comfortable: from the ceremony to the reception to the dance floor! I have a pair of go-to heels for every wedding (and have worn them to at least 15).

4. Presents, presents and more presents. What can be more stressful than finding the perfect outfit? Finding that perfect gift. In the past, the wedding registry was a definite must to help people get started in their new married life. With many people living together now, they don’t need any more stuff. So fret not! Most invitations include links to a registry. If there is no registry, a check and a card is a great gift too.


5. But don’t break the bank. Attending weddings can be very expensive. From travel (if it’s outside the city or even just cabs to and from the venue), to getting a new outfit (if your heart desires), to even the present itself—costs can add up. See what your budget allows, but don’t break the bank.

6. Sharing is caring, unless the bride and groom don’t want you to. Some couples embrace social media and include a hashtag for their wedding. But some like to keep the moment intimate to them, and share the pictures later. Respect the “no picture” rule if there is one. You can take pictures and post them after the bride and groom have shared theirs.

7. You are not the centre of attention. The bride and groom have invited you because they want you to share in their special day. But remember, this is not your day. They have spent months, if not years, planning every single detail. Let them have their moment and just be there to enjoy it.

8. Have fun! This is the most important tip. The couple invited you to share in their special day. They want you to enjoy yourself. So, have fun!

Photo credits: Halfpoint / Shutterstock.com and oliveromg / Shutterstock.com.

By Katherine Ellis
Photography by / courtesy of Shutterstock.com

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