Beauty hacks to keep your makeup intact

August 29, 2022

Is there anything more annoying than makeup that doesn’t stay on for as long as you wanted? 

Plenty of factors can make your makeup come off earlier than intended, but the most common one is sweat. All the constant blotting of your face to get rid of the sweat doesn’t help; you’re pretty much wiping the makeup away. 

It’s incredibly frustrating. For one, you spent a lot of time and effort applying your makeup to look fabulous and confident. If it rubs off within a few hours, all of that time was for nothing. Makeup is also damn expensive. So, it’s a waste of money if it keeps coming off! 

Below, you will find some helpful tips to proof it.

Cool your skin before applying

Many of us make the mistake of applying makeup to warm skin. What usually happens is you get out of the shower, you’re still a bit hot, and you start your makeup routine. The heat from your skin will mean you’re more prone to sweating, and applying layers to your face will make the skin even warmer, so the sweating will be more prominent. Instead, wait a bit until your skin is cooler. Spray a little facial mist on as well – this is a fantastic way to cool the skin down and get it ready for makeup. 

Always use a primer

Primers are critical for getting your skin ready to take the makeup you’re applying. A good primer will make your foundation and other makeup products stick to your skin longer. It’s kind of like applying primer to a wall you’re painting – without it, the paint runs and doesn’t stick. So, never forget your primer – it keeps makeup in place even when you’re feeling sweaty. 

Opt for waterproof products

Picking waterproof makeup products will also help you when you’re hot and bothered. These products have been designed to withstand moisture without rubbing off easily. Realistically, they should be able to stand up against heavy rain and a dip in a swimming pool. So, a bit of sweat won’t be a problem at all. 

Use a setting spray

Spraying your face before applying makeup is fantastic, but spraying it after is just as good. While the first spray cools you down, this one is designed to set the makeup in its place. There are many great setting sprays from top brands out there, so do your research and find whichever one appeals to you the most. Apply the spray when you’ve finished your makeup and wait for it to dry. Avoid touching your face during this period as it can lead to smudging. You’ll be amazed at how much better your makeup looks, and how hard it is for it to run and wear off. 

Keep yourself cool

All of the above ideas will help you keep your makeup in place for as long as possible. However, the challenge is much tougher on very hot days. No amount of preparation can withstand constant waves of sweat, causing you to wipe your face many times throughout the day. Consequently, you really need to focus on keeping yourself cool. It begins with your clothing – wear things that are light and designed to stop you from feeling too hot and sweaty. Things like a Bely t-shirt are very good because they’re made from cotton, which is a brilliant material to keep you cool. If you wear things like polyester, you’re more prone to sweating. Stay in the shade as much as you can too!

Drink lots of water

This could come under the previous heading, but staying hydrated is so important we need to talk about it separately. Yes, one of the benefits of drinking water is that it cools you down internally. This can stop your face from getting very warm and sweaty, allowing your makeup to stay on for longer. Plus, you get the benefit of water that is really good for your skin. If you aren’t hydrated, you can end up with a whole host of skin issues – like dry skin. So, keep yourself hydrated from inside out. 

If you always struggle with makeup that comes off because you’re sweating, these tips are ideal. Add them to your beauty routine and you will proof your makeup in no time at all. 


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