The South Place Hotel: the hottest spot in London

March 30, 2019
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Welcome to the South Place Hotel—a super sexy, chic, artistic and cool hotel, right in the middle of the City area in London. Nestled between Central London and East London, the South Place Hotel is in a perfect location that works as a landing pad for those on-the-go traveling on business or for sight-seeing, or the party animals who want to check out the super fun night spots of Shoreditch just a few minutes north.

Upon arrival on Friday morning after a redeye flight into London, my jet-legged navigation skills took me in to the side entrance of the hotel through the 3 Bar entrance. I immediately thought, “Well, this is a strange entrance for a hotel, but wow, I feel like I’m missing out on a party.” The bar was buzzing!

The lovely hostess ushered me to the main entrance for check-in. Along the way, I spotted a fun projected collage of artwork by Johny Dar against the wall between the two opposing elevators – every six months, there is art curated by a new artist throughout the hotel. We took a left-hand turn at the projection installation and went down a hallway lined with clear glass boxes that were filled with colourful, vibrant wire sculptures in the shape of shoes. These pieces were certainly cool and creatively inspiring! The reception area was a fabulous balance between modern finishes and cozy-comfort with a gas fireplace and eclectic lounge furniture. I could tell I would enjoy my stay at this property.

After a warm check-in with coffee and tea offered upon arrival, I anxiously headed up to the room to take off my shoes and get a quick 30 seconds of rest before continuing my adventure in London. Wow, what a perfect space! Floor-to-ceiling windows and full-length mirrors brought tons of light and comfort to the room, while sleek décor, stunning detailing in the finishes, and super modern technology brought a balance of sexy-contemporary vibes. I could be equally happy being cozy and sleeping here all day as I could having friends or a date over for drinks before a night out—a duality or balance that is hard to achieve.



The oversized bathroom was divine. Soft, warm lighting made for the best selfies and the floor-to-ceiling marble finishes delivered a truly decadent taste to the room. Outrageously large showers equipped with rainforest showerheads graced the space. The bathroom was, of course, complete with the perfect finishing touch: heated towel racks! Yes, please. I hopped in for a quick shower after an epic, long journey from across the pond, and then headed out for an adventure to Camden town.

I came back to my room later that night to find a lovely note from the management team, a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne and oversized macarons that would make the Parisiennes jealous. On the way out the hotel door, I passed by 3 Bar again and felt an even more, buzzing vibe. The energetic pulse was undeniable and I had to re-evaluate my plans to join in on the fun. I stopped for a quick drink – the ‘Napolean’ was exceptional, as was the company. This was definitely the spot for the after-work-drinks crowd (more so for 30-40ish year olds, I noted, so perfect for myself!).

After my outing and even more jetlag, I yearned for bed—and what a fantastic, much-needed sleep I had! The bed in my king-sized room was a dream.

The next evening, I was treated to the most incredible dinner at Angler Restaurant, a Michelin-starred establishment atop the hotel. The minimalist, sophisticated aesthetic and quieter atmosphere tip toed the line between fancy and formal, creating a vibe that forces all attention on the food, and rightfully so. Don’t be fooled by the simple ingredients listed on the menu, either—the combinations are simply mind-blowing and extremely impressive on plate.

Executive Chef Gary Foulkes designs a menu that will thoroughly delight your senses. Whether you’re a power-luncher or a refined gastronome, the stunning creations that come out of the Angler kitchen will blow your mind. I never would have thought I would enjoy apple, sorbet, crab and mayonnaise together—but wow, did I have that wrong! This unexpected combination, indeed, amused my bouche.

The following day, prior to checkout, I explored the rest of the hotel. It was a shame I couldn’t stay there longer or enjoy the amenities the hotel had to offer while I was there —but you know, when in London! There is simply too much to explore. My favourite part of the hotel was the Secret Garden. This stunning space should not be kept a secret. Complete with a retractable roof for the unpredictable London weather, this outdoor bar is simply magical with its completely lush and tropical botanicals.


I realized that the South Place Hotel was not only perfect for, basically, any personal travel, but also for business functions or events. As I hopped in the elevator, a group of gorgeous, loud women got in the lift with me where they all began practicing a song. We got out on the same floor and they went into one of the meeting rooms, which had round tables filled with women. The group I shared the lift with immediately began singing. I felt like I was in a movie! It turns out I happened to have crashed a bridal trade-show type of event while wandering the grounds. I quickly poked my head into other rooms: the meeting spaces ranged in size and were fully equipped with AV capabilities, lots of natural daylight, catering access, and whatever else could possibly be needed. I could envision smaller and intimate weddings here with access to the Secret Garden for cocktail hour: how lovely would that be!

Taken together, the South Place Hotel is an incredible hot spot for young, urban professionals, or even just trendy, aesthetic-savvy Instagrammers, seeking accommodations for just about anything. Whether it’s a sexy spot for a date, or a fun-photo op with your girlfriends, an incredible place to eat or a spot to host a fantastic event—this is the place for you. You will not find a hotter property in London that suits all of these occasions.

Photography courtesy of South Place Hotel.


Story by Amy Pigeon

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