The Power Issue: in times of change

March 7, 2018

To inspire FAJO readers all over the world, our latest cover features a photoshoot that was created for us by a truly global and powerful group of women.

Fashion model Jacqueline Depaul assembles a team of creatives in Los Angeles, to produce a fashion editorial based on the concept of a Superhero. Depaul draws inspiration from women in sci-fi, like the Tale of Firefly and Serenity, or any of the space culture, trekkie genres. Coming from her own technology training and background, she is a genuine advocate of women in nerd culture, proving that they are not the rare unicorns in the world of geekdom that some might assume.

The cover of The Power Issue this year.

These fantastical outfits were created by L.A.-based Swinda Reichelt and Gordana Gehlhausen, both from Europe.

Originally from the former East German Republic, Reichelt’s venture into costume and fashion design began in the late 1980s. She was featured by MTV, ZDF, SPIEGEL, “Off-line Berlin ’90” and various fashion magazines. Reichelt has worked as a costume designer for theatrical companies including the Komische Opera-Berlin and Opera-Gasteig-Munich. Her work in these areas has gained recognition, which quickly led to assignments in film, opera, theatre, dance, and fashion and art. In 2001, Reichelt relocated to Los Angeles, and she continues to design costumes for feature films and exhibit art installations. She has also guest-lectured at UCLA.

Yugoslavian-born Gordana Gehlhausen grew up in a small Serbian village in Bosnia. She has a Master’s in Linguistics and always thought that she would teach German as a professor until realizing that designing clothes was her true passion. Starting out in Charleston, South Carolina, she opened her first GOGA boutique in 2001. Recently, her newest shops have been opened in downtown San Diego and Santa Monica. Gehlhausen was one of the contestants on the sixth season of Project Runway and Project Runway All-Stars.

From soft leather jacket to colour-blocked silk dresses, Depaul chooses edgy, elegant looks with splashes of whimsy in this collection of feminine dressing. Included are elements of Dior-inspired chiffons in pale pastels, billowy displays of jewel tones, and touches of luxurious faux furs with a translucent dress in black for the perfect contrast.







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By (text) Deb Reynolds and FAJO's editorial team
Art Direction by Jeannette Valbuena
Photography by Lesley Pedraza; post-production: Andrii Semikin
Make-up Artist: Claudia Rivas
Hair: Claudia Rivas

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