|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2012

May 22, 2012

|FAT| Day Four – FUTUREscapes

By Aleyah Solomon

Photography by Tara West

It was interesting to see the different approaches the participating designers on Day Four opted for, in order to depict their idea of “futurescapes”. While seeing hints of traditionally thought of future fashions (reminiscent of the Jetsons, for example) – embellished and structured shoulders, silver and plastic tight-fitted garments – the focus was placed on fabrics, texture, embellishments, colour and make-up.

WallacePlayford opened the night with “Miss Galaxy 3062”, presenting each girl in a spinning metal arch placed at the beginning of the runway. The show was whimsical in a futuristic Jane Jetson retro attire, with a slight sailor-esque vibe. Very wearable, each “character” was presented with a bright colour of teal, yellow, orange or green; always paired with white. The clothing was accessorized with swim cap headpieces and circular leg pieces with fabric and buttons.

PIPPA Latex showed a series of latex garments with a mountain climber theme, complete with ropes and hammers.

Haphazard’s Tormented collection had a fantasy dream-like quality that can be compared to the bizarre characters in Alice in Wonderland. Her whimsical and eerie creations with colours and make-up of a carnival style presented imagery one would see in a dream. From windup dolls to Siamese-twins attached at the robe and headpiece, this designer is definitely a one to watch!

Artifice Clothing‘s designer Emily Rishea knows how to tailor clothing! Presenting a line that primarily consisted of PVC, she created corset waists with ruffles, sexy pointed detail on shoulders, layering and piping; she also combined the future with a raw, edgy side and mixed the look with playful hair.

Pedram Karimi focused on a graceful, minimal approach and colour-blocking with neutrals. Her detailed armbands, colour-blocked leggings and ankle bands are the accessories I would expect to see this fall.

BrankoPopovic showed some amazing embellishment pieces, as well as many textured shapes, while Von Bardonitz had abstract cuts, a minimalistic sense of colour, loose clothing and pointy hats with strong Catholicism features.

And, if you love jewelry, you would have loved Gardé Del Avante’s collection. With a hint of safari, this runway presentation was complete with metal feather pieces, huge earrings and spiked ankle bracelets!

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