|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2012

May 22, 2012

|FAT| Day Three – BODYscapes

By Katia Ostapets

Photography by Dmitri Moisseev

Zent showed a modern take on a retro vibe. This menswear collection featured simple angular tops with accents of pleather and fur, paired with shorts or white pants, and occasionally styled with a tube-on-a-string necklace. The most memorable look consisted of the matching tank and shorts in a vintage red-and-white check fabric; it had the Beach Boys feel and made me crave summer.

In the world of Worth by David C Wigley, a man is masculine and is not afraid to wear an unusual piece. The use of plaid, capes and metallics gave off the air of a futuristic Scottish warrior. A psychedelic print was incorporated in the form of trousers and a smoking jacket. Many looks were paired with tuxedo shirts. I loved the mix of the formal Bond look and rustic Braveheart pieces. The blend of these two heroes created the ultimate masculine man.

If you have ever admired a woman tightly laced into a corseted ball gown, then the Dianna Dinoble Starkers Corsetry show would be your favourite of the night. Exquisitely made corsets in black, white, pale pink and caramel were adorned with beading, rouching and lace. The accompanying skirts ranged from saloon-like narrow pieces with detailed backs, to full à la Gone with the Wind numbers. Every model carried a rose, perpetuating the regal, antique feel of the collection.

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