Spring workouts with Reebok’s CrossFit collection

April 17, 2015

One of my goals ahead of my wedding is to get more fit, so I’ve been having regular weekly sessions with my personal trainer Trudie. Recently, Reebok approached us and offered to dress us for the workouts. 

We were looking forward to try out the new CrossFit gear. Although we don’t focus on CrossFit, the way the clothing and the shoes are designed is perfect for any training session.

Trudie and I getting ready for another workout.

Trudie and I getting ready for another workout.

After wearing everything for several weeks, we decided to review the products as a personal trainer and trainee. Here is what we thought of our CrossFit Strength Tanks, CrossFit Shorts and our CrossFit Nano 4.0 training shoes.

Hannah Yakobi, the trainee

“I’ve been working out several times a week, and getting ready to increase that to daily or every-other-day workouts. I tend to do a mix of exercises, so I’ve been looking for clothing and footwear that can accommodate this. I was excited to try out the new CrossFit line from Reebok, especially because I liked how colourful this clothing and footwear collection is.

“The tank is a warm yellow colour and the fabric is soft and pleasant. Despite the fact that it’s soft, it fits close to the body and is great for intense exercises, like running or jumping with a skipping rope. It’s PlayDry technology is also useful because it keeps your skin dry and comfortable.

“The shorts are colourful and perfect for summer. I can see myself working in out in them in a gym on a regular basis. They fit well but not too tight, unlike some other shorts I have tried over the years. They are very short, so it took me a while to get used to them, but I realized that they don’t roll up like other shorts of the same length, which was a nice surprise.

“The shoes are unbelievable. I have had many, many running shoes over the years and these are the absolute best. They are so comfortable, I sometimes forget I’m wearing shoes at all. At the same time, they provide the support needed for jogging, walking or running. The multi-surface outsole is good for traction.”

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Trudie German, the personal trainer

“As a personal trainer, I lead a very active lifestyle. Between training clients, training myself, and running around town for daily errands, I spend my life in athletic wear. As a result, I have a few key elements that I always look for in workout clothing: comfort, performance and style. Style is just as important to me as comfort and performance are, because the better I look, the more confident I feel. And the more confident I feel, the better I’ll perform.

“I’m the queen of tank tops. The material of the tank was definitely breathable and I felt totally unrestricted during my workout. Reebok’s description of ‘a performance fit that moves with you’ was definitely on­-point!

“With the shorts, I was a little out of my comfort zone, as I usually don’t wear shorts when I’m working out. Although, I’ll probably stay true to my go­-to leggings style, I did really love the shorts’ built­-in underwear and adjustable drawstring. And I absolutely loved the built­-in pocket: a girl needs a spot for her iPhone and keys!

“The shoes were hands-down, unequivocally the best shoes I’ve tried to-date. These beauties are extremely light and offer full support while performing dynamic movements like running or jumping. Bonus: They are a bold and bright shade of red; perfect for getting noticed while running on the road!”

By Hannah Yakobi
Photography by Aleyah Solomon

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