Meet my team: part 7

June 27, 2016

This week, I would like you to meet FAJO’s Resident Stylist — Amalia Bentivoglio.

Amalia joined us over four years ago, and has subsequently contributed to many of our key photoshoots, event coverage and exclusive stories, both while based in Toronto and in Rome.

She has a unique style and taste in fashion that is a perfect blend of Europe and North America.

Here is what she shared with our readers about herself!

FAJO's Resident Stylist, Amalia Bentivoglio.

FAJO’s Resident Stylist, Amalia Bentivoglio.

1) What do you enjoy the most about working at FAJO?

I love working with the FAJO girls, as we are an amazing team of talented and creative women. My work and projects with the magazine really give me the creative satisfaction I need and crave in my life.

2) How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I got started in 2005, freelancing with a local photographer, but my real debut was in 2006, styling and managing the backstage of a fashion show with a local designer.

3) Create a hashtag to best describe your personality. What is it and why?  

So, I did an experiment and polled my friends to see what they thought the best hashtag to describe moi would be. The funniest one was #CarmenSandiego (because I love to travel and they never know where I will go next), and the most accurate was #LifeIsHowYouStyleIt, as it pretty much sums up my life philosophy — styling your life is more that just fashion, it’s about putting your life together, styling it exactly the way you want it.

4) How would you describe your personal sense of style?

It’s funny because as a Stylist, I have been asked this question so many times, and yet I can never really say I have a particular style.

It depends on how I’m feeling. Some days I like to dress edgy, other days — sporty, and yet other days — boho.

The one word that always comes to mind though is “chic.” My rule of thumb is: always be put together and always dress for the occasion. The trends shouldn’t drive your style, your body should. When you dress for your body and personality, you’ll always look chic!

5) Share your favourite fashion or beauty secret.

Beauty: I always wash my face with Dove and have been using it for as long as I can remember. Nobody can ever guess my age and so I like to think that this little secret plays a part.

Fashion: Always have good shoes. Your shoes can make or break an outfit, and if someone’s not looking at your face, they’re looking at your shoes. Trust me.


6) Let’s talk about personal preferences! Pick one:

– runway or street style?  Both — I find style inspiration in the high-end and in the every day.

– hair or make-up? Hair, definitely hair (this won’t really surprise my friends).

– red or black? Black.

– lipstick or lip gloss? Lipstick for sure (my hair always get stuck to my lip gloss — so it’s my pet peeve).

– heels or flats? I want to say heels because I so love my heels, but with all my running around, flats are my BFFs (though I do fantasize running around the city in heels à la Carrie Bradshaw).

– pants or skirts? Pants. More specifically, jeans. Love my jeans.

7) What is the biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?

Getting a really short, mushroom-style haircut … yikes. Luckily, that was way before social media, so there’s no record of it anywhere online!

8) What do you like to do in your free time? 

Run, sleep, spend time with friends. I lead a pretty hectic life and when I have any free time, that’s what you’ll find me doing. Not necessarily in that order, but those are the things that keep me sane!

9) We can never catch you wearing___? Why?

Fur, because I think it’s cruel.

10) What has been your favourite fashion project to-date?

With FAJO — I would definitely have to say it was the editorial we did in collaboration with TIFF and the Andy Warhol exhibit.  It was such a great experience!  The team was amazing, the clothes were amazing and I loved the way it turned out!

Non-FAJO — it has to be the fashion show I co-produced when I was working in Florence, Italy. It was for a client in Milan who took us all on a cruise to Croatia and debuted the collection on the cruise. It was a dream come true!

Connect with Amalia on Twitter and Instagram.

By Hannah Yakobi
Photography by Robin Gartner
Make-up Artist: Amy Pigeon
Hair: Cecile Washington

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