A special stay at the InterContinental Toronto Centre

September 17, 2015
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Earlier this summer, we stayed at the InterContinental Toronto Centre hotel in Toronto’s downtown. We have great memories associated with this property, as FAJO conducted one of the editorial photoshoots for our September issue here last year, and had an absolutely lovely experience with the hotel’s team. The entire space was very beautiful too, and we fondly remember the pool, the massive reception area and the lovely suites upstairs.

Here is what our Editor-in-Chief Hannah Yakobi and Events Editor Katia Ostapets thought of their stay.

Hannah Yakobi’s review

“The stay was extra special, as I decided to stay at the InterContinental Centre Hotel right after my wedding. My husband and myself got the Feature Junior Suite, while our wedding’s MC Katia Ostapets (who also happens to be FAJO‘s Events Editor!) and several bridesmaids stayed in the Feature Guest Room down the corridor.

“What I liked the most about the suite was how spacious and bright it was. The bathroom had a modern décor and the suite itself felt like a large apartment, which is a rare sight at the hotels these days. The view was spectacular. The CN Tower was essentially downstairs, and my husband and I enjoyed watching it light up in different colours right in front of us at night.

“The next morning, we noticed the Blue Jays game and the long line-ups of people outside. We essentially had a bird’s eye view of the most central, downtown part of the city, and it was really fun to just sit and stare out of the window for a bit. The CN Tower outside stretched in front of us in the morning, in all of its glory.

“One of the other highlights of the hotel was the solarium. Walking around it transformed us to a beach-like environment; and, again, the brightness and spaciousness of the space, paired with the warm colours of the décor, made it a welcoming and memorable part of the hotel. Not to mention: the property is home to the very trendy Azure restaurant, which was a perfect and delicious escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the big city.

“A great advantage of staying here was also the proximity to major city sights if you are a tourist, or any major city street if you are a resident, like us. For example, we caught a cab right outside the hotel the next morning, and it took us a mere five-minute drive to get to the Queen Street West restaurant we had a post-wedding brunch at with friends.

“Our room was so beautiful and luxurious that several months later, I still have a clear image of it in my mind. I travel a lot and stay in hotels frequently, so very few properties leave a lasting impression on me. This property will always be very special.”

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Katia Ostapets’ review

“InterContinental hotel was there for me when I needed it the most. After a long, but highly memorable day of being a bridesmaid and MC at Hannah’s wedding, I was ready to fall asleep. When we arrived at the hotel very late in the night, the concierge checked us in in record time.

“When I opened the door to the room, the cool air-conditioned air hit me and I was instantly awake. The room was spacious with two queen-size beds, and I especially enjoyed the quirky soap dish in the bathroom that I used as a ring-holder. The bed called out to me and, barely a minute after setting my alarm, I was out like a light.

“Every once in a while you have the kind of sleep where you forget where you are, because it is so good. This was such a night.

“After a refreshing shower in the morning, I realized we had not properly opened the blinds yet, since we were so focused on sleep the night before. The view was remarkable. I have walked down this very street several hundred times before, but never had the chance to see if from such a height.

“I will always remember that sun-filled room, that was my oasis for a night.”

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By Hannah Yakobi and Katia Ostapets
Photography by / courtesy of InterContinental Toronto Centre

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