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January 11, 2024
As the frosty winds of Winter weave their way through our days, the beauty world sparkles with creative looks, especially in the realm of nail art. This season, it’s not just about the color on your fingertips, but also the expression of one’s personal style and the embrace of creativity in colder times. This feature delves into the latest winter nail styles donned by our #FAJOgirls, with looks curated and executed by local nail techs and salons, customized to delight our preferences while also adapting to winter style trends.

Elaborate nail art

Polish’d Nail Bar in the heart of downtown Toronto is an absolute gem for nail art enthusiasts, and my recent experience there left me dazzled. The ambiance at Polish’d is commendable – chic, sophisticated and oozing relaxation.

It is important to spotlight the talented nail technician, Bal. Her skills and precision were nothing short of extraordinary. I was fortunate enough to experience her expertise firsthand, and I left with nails that can only be described as a masterpiece. The intricate designs and flawless execution showcased Bal’s artistic dedication. For a gorgeous Winter manicure, we selected a cool-tone colour palette of light greys and taupes to work with, that fit perfectly with the season, and mixed and matched various nail art techniques for a truly customized and unique look. Bal created clear, ice-like tips, hand painted on snow flakes and swirls of silver glitter, and strategically placed tiny rhinestones to subtly catch the light. 

The incredible artistry and welcoming ambiance make this place an absolute must-visit for anyone looking to elevate their nail game. Polish’d has earned my heartfelt recommendation, and I can’t wait for my next visit to experience the magic all over again.

– Ada Yakobi, Managing Editor

Polish’d Nail Bar, 130 King St. W. & 130 Adelaide St. W., Toronto

Timeless red

What I love about The Nail & Champagne Bar and their service is that they offer manicures and pedicures that are mobile, so they can easily come to your home, office or another location (if you are having a wedding or a party, for example). As an executive woman, I have very limited time and a packed schedule, so this was extremely convenient for me. When TNCB’s nail glam designer Amanda arrived at my condo, we brainstormed some designs and colours.

I love red, no matter the season or occasion (which also works perfectly for upcoming Valentine’s Day), so we opted for a bright red manicure. Amanda used a regular polish, as I’m pregnant, so I was looking for something more natural. She also used a silver polish on top of my thumbs for a cooler, more wintery look and a fun accent. Eliza Sipin, TNCB Owner, says “This look combines the timeless allure of red with the festive charm of silver, creating a classy look that is perfect for the season and brightens any outfit.”

I was impressed with the precision of Amanda’s application and the care in which she executed the entire experience. She also did it in record time, which was double-impressive, as I’m always on the go and in a rush to get somewhere (or to my next meeting!). Eliza and Amanda were personable, knowledgeable and all around wonderful. The experience was fast, pleasant and with wonderful results. Despite my on-the-go lifestyle, the polish also lasted for a while, which was lovely considering it wasn’t a shellac or other artificial polish application. I was thrilled to collaborate with TNCB again and will, no doubt, repeat the experience in the near future!

Hannah Yakobi, Editor-in-Chief

Midnight blue cat-eye

Clover has been my preferred go-to nail tech for 3 years now, because she never disappoints. Clover is fast, has fantastic creative suggestions, keeps a pulse on current trends, pays meticulous attention to detail, and is so lovely to chat to during a manicure: this is what I find really sets her apart from many manicure providers. Clover freelances and does travel appointments within downtown Toronto if you opt to support independent service providers (you can reach out to her via her Instagram) and she also works from the Organic Nail Bar Toronto location if you prefer a larger selection of colours and styles.

I gave Clover complete free creative license to do any sort of wintery nail look she wanted to on me, within the parameters of being an oval shape. Clover selected a midnight blue base topped with a frosty, silver and subtle cate-eye effect. It is hard to capture this dazzling effect in a static image, so trust me when I say: it is gorgeous. Although cat-eye nail styles are not a new thing, Clover has recently seen a huge uptick in requests for it and believes it will be the next “chrome” style that has oversaturated our Pinterest feeds the last year.

The result was a sophisticated and elegant manicure that pairs perfectly with cold winter soirées.

– Amy Pigeon, Beauty & Features Editor

Icy chrome

I visited Pink Nail Bar in the heart of Ossington for a simple, clean, yet mesmerizing winter manicure. Pink Nail Bar offers a comprehensive suite of mani and pedi options, along with lash extensions and waxing services. To enhance the guest visit, they offer complimentary specialty coffee, or you can upgrade to your choice of delicious alcoholic beverage ranging from wine to tasty cocktails.

As much as I appreciate elaborate nail art, I have a hard time sitting still even for hour long appointments, so I opted for a simpler look that will work with just about any outfit. I have very short natural nails and I’m an extension girly to make up for it, so the nail tech suggested we do a full set of bio gel extensions on me for durability. We chose a stunning icy, baby blue chrome colour that channels the beauty after a fresh snow fall on a sunny winter day; nothing dramatic, but effective for a beautiful and classy look.

On a separate note, Pink Nail Bar has partnered with Universal running a contest for a makeover to celebrate the launch of the new Mean Girls movie dropping January 12, so if you visit soon you may get to see their fun thematic setup and Mean Girls merch in store.

– Amy Pigeon, Beauty & Features Editor

Pink Nail Bar, 123 Ossington Ave., Toronto

Photo credits: FAJO staff and each respective nail business.


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