Our top 5 favourite classes at Elle Fitness and Social

April 24, 2017

Spring is the season of rejuvenation. After a long winter, filled with holiday meals and cozy cuddles on the couch, two members of our editorial team decided it was time to get rejuvenated, and signed up for a month-long membership at Elle Fitness and Social.

Located in the heart of the trendy King West area in Toronto, alongside some of the best bars and clubs in the city, this studio is a place to work out, shop, network and socialize. As the name suggests, everything here is ultra-feminine and the space was clearly designed with women in mind: from the pink butterfly door handles to the complimentary towels and the beauty bar (complete with hairdryers and straighteners).

Pretty in pink at Elle Fitness and Social.

Our Events Editor, Darina Granik, and Features Editor, Violet MacLeod, happily spent a month testing and choosing their favourite fitness classes to share with our readers. Below is the round-up and break-down of our top five favourite classes.

Fab Firm

Reviewed by Darina and Violet

This class is a low-intensity workout, but it’s a challenging one. As a result, your body gets toned and firm. We particularly enjoyed it because of the great instructor, Karey. She was very knowledgeable and explained what can go wrong if an exercise is not done properly. Throughout the class, she checked on every member, adjusting postures and giving feedback. She was very encouraging and funny, joking throughout the hour, “Ladies, relax your necks! You don’t want those wrinkles. You will thank me in five years!”

This class is normally scheduled for 6:30 p.m., so the gym is jam-packed, leaving little space in the changing room. Also, at this time, the reception can be out of locks to borrow, so be sure to plan ahead.

Body Blast

Reviewed by Darina and Violet

This is a very difficult class! You’ll work your whole body — arms, abs, booty and the legs. The instructor, Eneil, is very cool. She has a great vibe and sense of humour, which helped both of us stay motivated and survive the intensity. Definitely be prepared for an intense workout. We both guarantee that Body Blast will be a struggle for even the fittest of our readers.

This class is strength-focused, so there is no cardio, which helps you to power through the class. However, don’t let the lack of cardio fool you — we won’t be surprised if in the middle of the class, you will want to cry from complete exhaustion. And yet, we really enjoyed it and both signed up for it again!

If you’re interested in Body Blast, try to take your first class during off-peak hours. That way you will have the space to get comfortable and ensure you get dumbbells that suit your abilities.

Long and Lean

Reviewed by Darina

This is a brand-new class that was just introduced in March. It was created by Julia, who is a certified yoga instructor.

This is a mix of exercises from yoga, Pilates and barre. It is low-intensity and provides great toning, flexibility and firming of your muscles. It is different from Fab Firm, because there were less repetitive complicated exercises and it is much more relaxed. There is no heavy equipment involved, so you work out barefoot.

Workouts at Elle Fitness and Social are intense, fun and memorable.

Hard Ass

Reviewed by Darina and Violet

We both really enjoyed this class! It is fully dedicated to working on sculpting your butt and consists of one hour of exercises that focus on your glutes, thighs and upper legs. We especially loved the cheeky (pun intended) music about butts, booties and asses.

The instructor, Gill, had great vibes and was encouraging, not pushy. Violet started her Elle experience by taking this class and found herself working harder than expected. She quickly realized Elle classes were designed to push you.

On that note, take extra care to stretch on your own after the class. The full hour is dedicated to working out, so there is minimal to no stretching.

Caribbean Dance Cardio

Reviewed by Darina

This was a very fun workout. It is not complicated, but in the end you sweat a lot!

I personally enjoyed it more than Zumba, because it was more original. The instructor Shakera is charming and she really encourages everyone to dance, adding your personal style. Also, there is a lot of time dedicated to stretching, which is great. The workout has a very positive vibe; you will feel like you are in a carnival.

Final tips

To wrap-up, here are a few quick tips to enhance your Elle Fitness and Social experience:

  • If you choose to use a locker, bring your own lock. You can book one at the front desk, but it’s easier to have your own.
  • The instructors may vary, so check Elle’s online booking system to find out who is teaching what and when.
  • Be sure to show up at least 15 minutes early for all classes, as the workouts always start precisely on time.
  • Enjoy!
By Darina Granik and Violet MacLeod
Photography by / courtesy of Elle Fitness and Social

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