Healthy, fit and sexy: Michael Deboever tells you how it’s done

August 23, 2011

Text by Ada Yakobi.

Photos courtesy of Michael Deboever and Victoria’s Secret.

Does the idea of running on the treadmill for an hour a day frighten you? Are you the person who finds exercising monotonous and exhausting? Is your workout a two-minute walk to the office from your car?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you haven’t met Michael Deboever.

Montreal-based Deboever has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s of Science in Physical Education and Sports Science. He is a certified personal trainer, Reebok CrossFit Coach, and is also certified in CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Football and Coach Prep Course.

We sat down with the man himself to find out the hottest ways to stay in shape and look like a star, even after the bikini season dies down.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My experience as an athlete and my education have exposed me to an almost infinite number of different training methods, some good and others less so. It was only in 2009 that I first got introduced to CrossFit. It revolutionized my definition of fitness and opened my mind to what can be accomplished with functional movements. CrossFit became my golden standard for “complete training” and I began to realize that not only elite athletes could benefit from it. After obtaining my CrossFit certification in early 2010, I started applying the methodology with clients I train and haven’t looked back since. 

Does everyone need to work out?

Yes! Everyone needs to work out – I always compare working out to brushing your teeth. Just because you have a shiny set of pearly whites, doesn’t mean you don’t have to brush them. The same idea applies to working out: you have to exercise everyday to keep your cardiovascular skills up. Remember: eat well, work out and brush your teeth. Besides, working out is more fun than brushing your teeth!

Well, but we brush our teeth every day, should we work out every day too?

No, you will need a plan. A workout also means taking care of your “rest” days, which you can plan with your trainer. You need rest to give you time to recover and adapt to the workout. Exercising every day can even be dangerous and extremely exhausting for your body.

But if someone doesn’t have access to a gym, what are some things that they can do at home to get in shape?

Functional movements and functional movements! These are movements that employ more than one joint and the same time. For example, the combination of squatting, sitting down and standing up. With the proper technique, intensity and repetition, you can achieve amazing results even from home. How many times do you sit down and stand up every day? Why not learn how to do it properly and if that could be an exercise how cool would that be? Any goal is reachable, you just need to set your priorities and stay motivated.

How crucial would you say nutrition is?

Nutrition is extremely important. Everyone’s body is like a car and everyone is the same car. There are no Kias or Hondas, everyone is a Ferrari. Even if you are obese, you are still a Ferarri. Therefore, you would never put Diesel in your Ferrari, you will only put fuel because you want it to work well. So food is your fuel and should be your priority, training should come second and rest arrives at the finish line right after.

Are there any foods that you think people should avoid, even on their cheat days?

Processed food – it tastes good, even I like the taste – but try cooking a cheat meal yourself, because the effect of processed food is just horrible. Try things like homemade burgers and pizzas!

What tips & advice can you give to women struggling with weight issues?

Food, food, food! Get on a food plan immediately and do not go on a diet. A calorie is just a measure of energy and not every food has the same effect. Once you have a great food plan, you have to respect it and it’s really not hard to do. You can also have cheat days, but make sure they are only once a week. And the second thing would be exercise: see your trainer more (if you have one), workout at home or at the gym, or even outside. Everything counts. And rest – you need to sleep.

How crucial is water?

It’s extremely important. It will play a big role in the muscle contraction and thermal regulation of your body, and you need water when you work out. You need to drink at least for a glass every hour that you are awake. And don’t wake up at 2 p.m. – then you have a shorter day and you want to get your metabolism going as early as possible. Get seven to eight hours of sleep a night and wake up with the sun!

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