Eco Goddess

September 28, 2011

By Hannah Yakobi

Photography by Kalynn Friesen

An exclusive, women’s only mini-retreat was recently held at the prestigious Verity Club.

The lovely organizers - Jennifer Ettinger (left), Tamika Auwai (centre) and Laura Furtado.

The event was designed to help 50 women embrace a greener, healthier and more balanced lifestyle by, as the event organizers said, “unleashing the eco goddess within”.

Various highly exotic vendors presented their green and healthy products to the guests, while invitees mingled and networked.

There was natural shea butter by Abibirem Beauty, anti-aging skin and body care by Arbonne, probiotic ice-cream by Yogalicious, and many other wonderful items that ranged from candles and pheromones to manicures and fiber-and-water-only-based cleaning products.

There was also a beautiful tutu on display, which was part of the Tutu Project at The National Ballet of Canada. Melanie Dowhaniuk of Imaginis Marketing Inc. was behind this particular artistic and creative piece.

Guest presenters were another big highlight at the event.

Jennifer Ettinger of Fit Your Style, talked about Finding Your Inner Goddess, and provided tips on how to eat, dress and sleep in a healthy, stylish and most productive way.

Tamika Auwai of Shop Socials explored The Eco Fashionista aspect. Shop Socials are exclusive shopping events, set in local boutiques and upscale venues across the Greater Toronto Area. Each event is an intimate and interactive experience, where guests are introduced to glamorous shopping venues, while also receiving discounts and swag bags.

Jennifer Ettinger delivers her presentation to the guests at Eco Goddess.

Concluding the presentations was the stylish Laura Furtado of DivaGirl, who spoke about Living a Divalicious Lifestyle. DivaGirl is an online community that encourages women to get fit, have fun and feel sexy. The company consists of four divisions: DivaGirl Fitness (dance/fitness), DivaGirl Entertainment (professional dance entertainment), DivaGirl Beauty (spa/beauty) and DivaGirl-Preneur (entrepreneurial seminars and networking events for women in the arts sector).  Two new divisions are scheduled to be launched in 2012.

Abibirem Beauty was one of the vendors that displayed its products at the event.

All presentations were highly interactive and involved speakers talking about their business and experience, giving health, fashion and fitness tips to women, and continuously answering any questions from guests.

All attendees also received swag bags with gifts from certain vendors at the end of the night.

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