Trends of summer with Rossa Jurenas

June 20, 2014

Rossa Jurenas has been with Schwarzkopf for almost 14 years, which is a long time, considering the fast pace of the hairstyling industry. A multi-award winning hairstylist, she is currently the brand’s Essential Looks Artist, while simultaneously running her own salon.

Jurenas conducts a lot of trend and advice-focused seminars and classes on a regular basis, and this month she exclusively shares her most recent runway analysis with FAJO‘s readers!

What are the biggest trends for summer 2014?

One huge trend for colour is a lot of pastels, candy tones, soft pinks and pale yellows. That is still a very fresh hair trend. Colours really enhance texture patterns.

For haircutting, there are a lot of edgy cuts, but also a lot of flowing ones. We are using rollers and curling irons quite extensively this season.

In terms of styling, this season we focus on styling with high-heat, texturizing hair, letting natural pieces fall and then putting the hair up. There are a lot of soft effects. Braids are also a huge trend. They are sexy but more fashionable, with a little bit of a grunge touch.

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Jurenas loves colourful hairstyles and often has one herself.

What are your key hair care tips for our readers?

If you are colouring your hair light, definitely condition it. Get some keratin products and beauty balms.

This year, if our summer really takes on strong heat, you don’t want your hair to look frizzy. It’s a huge problem that a lot of people don’t want to have. At the salon, you can go for deep treatments and treatment packs, as well as clean haircuts. There are different ways of texturizing your hair, in order to prevent it from looking frizzy. Many of the current looks are very consumer-friendly and not hard to manage.

Don’t forget to walk away from the mirror, because when you stand in front of it you over-analyze everything, and lose a lot of the natural flow.

What are some of the hairstyling tools you recommend?

After you shower, never use a brush on your hair, as you would pull on it and that would lead to breakage. Wide-tooth comb would help get rid of the knots.

A wet brush is good too. It looks like an everyday brush but the way it is constructed at the teeth is that it can get through wet hair without hurting it. When it first came out, I did not jump on that because I thought it was a gimmick, but it is the best tool.

A vent brush is also great because it has holes at the bottom, so when you blow dry your hair, the air gets through it. This allows for natural movement and root lift.

What are some of the key current Red Carpet trends?

Classic up-sweeps. Top knots are also popular, but they are really loose, almost like a ballerina bun. Just really soft and classic looks. Vintage waves that are 1950s-inspired are also ‘in’.

What are the styling haircare products for summer that you recommend?

I think a dry shampoo is perfect. It’s kind of like a summer-survival piece. Even if you wash your hair in the morning, there is so much moisture in the air, your hair just feels limpy.

Another big recent product trend is a sea salt spray. When your hair is damp or even dry, use your hands to work with your hair’s texture and the sea salt’s texture. It’s great for any type of hair.

Jurenas speaks to the audience at a Schwarzkopf event.

Jurenas speaks to the audience at a Schwarzkopf event.

Who is your ultimate hair model that always looks immaculate?

In North America, we are very current. We used to be always five years behind but we are now on the cutting edge, worldwide.

Most of our clients and consumers in salons follow the celebrities. I find that Katy Perry always has the same style but changes the colour, and people always bring in images of her. Rhianna, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Williams and Anne Hathaway always show a lot of versatility with their hairstyles. They grow their hair out and then cut it off. It’s funny because they are not huge fashion icons, but they change their looks and they have a chameleon approach to it that people like.

Feature image credit: Shutterstock.

By Hannah Yakobi
Photography by Schwarzkopf and courtesy of Rossa Jurenas

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