Australian flavour: advice, tips and tricks by EdwardsAndCo

April 27, 2021

EdwardsAndCo is Australia’s leading hairstyling agency, with a large social media following and salons across Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. Known for their innovation and trend setting hair stylists and makeup artists, each Stylist offers their own personalized service. We sat down with one of their Senior Hair Stylists, Christopher Jordan, to learn more about their clients, hair trends and tips.

A quick intro

What is the main clientele of EdwardsAndCo? You are known for featuring a lot of stunning models and influencers on your Instagram page.

Anyone seeking high quality personalized service partnered with healthy, exquisite colour! We welcome and service a diverse range of clients, and have bespoke stylists who can accommodate a wide range of different hair types and looks.

What would be the top celebrity hair you’d like to style?

Margot Robbie or Lady Gaga would be my dream. I regularly see Clare Bowditch as her hairdresser. I have also worked with Rüfüs Du Sol, Dena Kaplan, Maggie McKenna and Kurt Coleman, to name a few.

What’s the hardest hairstyle you’ve ever done? 

It was called the Jellyfish: a jaw-length bob with 10-12 disconnected longer “tentacles” that were almost 50 cm longer than the bob. So you get the jellyfish yet? (laughs) I would have to trim the hair every 8 weeks, leaving out the longer pieces but still trying to cut a structured bob. It was definitely unique and I loved the challenge!

Have you ever had a haircut, colour or style that someone asked for that was impossible to do?

Sometimes the colour or cut a client seeks isn’t always possible to replicate (or not necessarily suited to their maintenance routine or hair type). It’s important to have an in-depth, honest and respectful conversation about the factors that may limit you reaching the desired result. I always say – under promise and over deliver.

Some tips and tricks

What is your favourite go-to hair styling tip?

Always apply heat protection before adding any heat to the hair. Once you’ve curled with a tong or straightener, it’s super important to allow the hair to cool for 3-5 minutes for longevity of your waves.

What products would we find in your hair kit?

Virtue Labs! A first of its kind with a technology that uses real human hair keratin – this is a natural and sustainable ingredient, which repaves the cuticle of the hair leaving it stronger, softer and healthier than ever before. This Alpha Keratin is in every product from shampoo to treatments, texture spray and hairspray. Gone are the days of styling products drying the hair out. I love these products because we need to always respect the hair even though we have to manipulate/shape/apply heat/colour it. These allow us to treat and style at the same time!

Is balayage still the most requested colouring appointment booked in?

Balayage is still very popular! Though it’s moving more into softer blends with popping face frames (or money piece) – this is when you have the bright blonde pieces surrounding the face. More dimension and tonal variation, less ombré looking and more natural.

How do we get healthy locks for 2021?

Always use Olaplex no. 1 or Virtue Color Kick treatments, whenever having colour in salons. Secondly, always use a high-grade shampoo, conditioner, weekly deep conditioning/ reconstructing treatment and a daily moisturizer. It’s better to wash your hair less than too often, as your natural oils work as a mini-nourishing treatment.

Our Sydney Reporter, Cristina Boydell, went to the Sydney Surry Hills Salon. She had a fresh balayage colour, cut and style. Senior Stylist Brendon Kiewra (@brendon_edwardsandco) describes the colour as “a freshen up of a grown out balayage that had lasted a year. I did a weaved balayage to create a contrast effect; using a tip out to saturate and emphasize the blonde ends. The face was framed to make the balayage pop, with golden tones to create a honey blonde look.”




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