7 must-have beauty picks for spring

April 11, 2018

Spring is here! The season of new beginnings and overall rejuvenation has officially kicked off.

This month, FAJO‘s Social Media Editor Lacey Ward takes some of the latest beauty releases on the market to the test and shares her thoughts with our readers. 

Let’s get started

After Canada’s coldest months, my skin normally enters a “post-winter recovery mode”, which requires hydration, restoration and simple makeup.

After testing out a variety of makeup and skincare products, I picked my top 7, which have subsequently become staples in my recent skincare routine. All of these products are practical, efficient and geared towards an easy, effortless makeup look.

To keep things simple, I decided to break down the claim behind each product, my thoughts and who I think each product would be a great fit for.


1. Body Shop: Shea Butter

Claim: “Shea Body Butter is a feast for the skin. Enriched with Community Trade shea butter, skin is left feeling soft and smooth, providing 48-hour hydration.”

If only I had this shea butter 2 months ago! This moisturizer felt hydrating from the moment I put it on my skin and continued to feel that way throughout the day. I find some body butters to feel a bit heavy, but this felt light during application and absorbed quickly. It isn’t heavily fragranced either, there is just a mild shea scent. This will be my go-to moisturizer now.

Who is this for: I would recommend this to anyone looking for a basic, hydrating body butter.

2. Maybelline: Total Temptation Washable mascara

Claim: “Washable mascara builds lashes for full and soft volume.”

This mascara impressed me. I’m a die-hard Benefit Roller Lash fan, but I’ve now been using this mascara since I tested it out. Total Temptation Washable Mascara has a creamy, whipped formula enriched with coconut extract (it smells amazing). It went on beautifully and didn’t transfer at all during the day. In the past, I would look in the mirror to find black mascara marks on my brow bone; however, this hasn’t happened at all with this product. It felt incredibly soft on my lashes and washed off easily (it also comes in waterproof).

Who is this for: This isn’t the mascara for you if you prefer a dramatic lash. It provides a natural look as far as the mascara goes, and it did volumize and slightly lengthen my lashes, but it didn’t mimic a false lash by any means. This is a great everyday mascara for accentuated lashes, while maintaining a natural look.

3. Elizabeth Arden: SUPERSTART Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask

Claim: “This luxurious, cooling mask leaves skin looking smooth, luminous and more youthful. The biocellulose material, derived from natural coconut water, fits snugly to the contours of your face like a second skin. The probiotics help to restore the natural balance of your skin, strengthening its ability to repair and optimizing its natural defenses. Each mask combines hyaluronic acid with 2X the powerful probiotic blend featured in SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster for an ultra-concentrated treatment.”

Thoughts: This mask provides the moisture and nourishment that my skin needs during harsh weather. The mask comes with 2 layers: there is the biocellulose mask itself, and a mesh netting. You need to remove the netting and fit the mask onto your face (as best as you can). This particular mask did have a cooling effect and felt luxurious on my skin. While I wouldn’t say that it “fit like a second skin”, it did live up to its claims otherwise. After removing the mask, I gently rubbed in the excess products and noticed my dry skin subsiding within the following hours; my skin felt baby-soft and looked healthy and plump right into the following day.

Who is this for: If you are a sheet mask fan, and your skin feels dull or dry and could use some TLC, I would recommend trying out this luxurious mask for extra hydration.


4. Maybelline: Total Temptation Brow Definer

Claim: “Creates filled in, softly defined brows.”

Total Temptation Brow Definer is now filed under the “staples” in my makeup bag. This brow pencil is available in 4 shades. I used the “medium brown” shade and it was a perfect match. This eyebrow pencil glides on effortlessly; I would advise that you don’t press hard, as it has a very creamy consistency that applies too dark with pressure. The pencil is slightly thick on one side and angled, so you can use the thinner tip for a more precise application. It has a small spoolie on one end that I used to comb through my brows before using the brow pencil, and then again afterwards to remove any excess product.

Who is this for:  This product is a good fit for anyone who has sparse brows that they like filled in. This might not be the best match for someone looking for a perfectly defined brow. The Total Temptation Brow Definer would be suitable for an eyebrow “rookie” who wants their eyebrows to still look like theirs, but better!

5. St.Ives: Cleanse & Refresh Cucumber Wipes

Claims: “Made with 100% naturally sourced extract, the St.Ives Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes remove make-up effectively (even waterproof mascara) to cleanse and refresh your skin in one easy step. Gentle enough to be used around the sensitive eye area, the alcohol-free formula with naturally sourced cucumber extract leaves your skin feeling fresh and invigorated.”

Thoughts: These wipes effortlessly removed my makeup and were fragrance and alcohol-free: qualities that I try to find in products when I can. There was no strong scent or stinging sensation when these were used around my eye area. This would be a perfect addition to your travel bag: quick, easy and efficient.

Who is this for: This product would be great for anyone looking to avoid heavily fragranced products. It would also be a good option for anyone who travels often or doesn’t always have time to wash their makeup off.


6. Maybelline: Total Temptation Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette

Claim: “Give eyes and cheeks the ultimate definition with this all-in-one shadow and highlighter palette.”

Maybelline’s eyeshadow/highlight palette features 8 eyeshadows and 2 highlighters. I have to admit, I only used the left side of this palette because I prefer warmer shades on my skin tone, but I was pleased with the results. For the eyeshadow, I used an eyeshadow primer, and applied one or two of the shades at a time. The shadows were nicely pigmented, and lasted all day without creasing or fading. The highlighter is a bit glitterier than what I would usually go for, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results, as it had a subtle, warm glow. I enjoyed using this palette and will definitely be keeping it around. I like my makeup routine to be as quick and simple as possible, so having combination palettes such as this one helps to create a cohesive look.

Who is this for: This palette is perfect for anyone “on-the-go” who is seeking a glowy look and is interested in a glitter-based highlight. I would also recommend it to someone who needs a little guidance on eyeshadow and highlighter application, as there are guidelines on the back of the palette for seamless application.

7. Pixii: Glow Tonic

Claim: “Exfoliating facial glow tonic™ toner helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. It removes dead skin cells for healthier looking skin. For all skin types. Alcohol free.”

Thoughts: As someone with sensitive skin, this is usually something that I would stay away from in fear. However, after reading many rave reviews I decided that I would give it a shot. I used this daily, following cleansing. The glycolic acid in the toner exfoliates and purifies your skin. After a few weeks of use, I noticed that my skin was much smoother and clearer. I have kept this toner in my skincare routine since trying it out, and I normally follow it up with a serum and moisturizer for hydration.

Who is this for: This would be a great toner for anyone looking to exfoliate without using a harsh scrub. A glycolic acid toner may not be for everyone, but if your skin is familiar with acids this would be a great exfoliation step in your skincare routine.


By Lacey Ward

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