FAJO Magazine is Canada’s leading digital fashion magazine and a trademarked publication.

Headquartered in Toronto, FAJO is a luxury fashion publication, with contributors located across Canada, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. The magazine has 145,000+ followers on social media, with readership spanning North America, Europe and Asia.

Our mission is to provide in-depth journalistic coverage of the fashion industry around the world. Our staff consists of award-winning journalists, photographers, fashion designers and fashion consultants. We publish once a month, in a pure online magazine/issue-format.

FAJO stands for “fashion journalism”. It also means “a bundle of papers” in Spanish. We refer to it as a bundle of papers that our reporters carry when going on an assignment, or a bundle of papers that they accumulate on their desks when doing research for a story.

FAJO’s mandate is to provide original content that:

  • focuses on exclusives with fashion celebrities and renowned designers
  • supports Canadian talent in Canada and abroad, including coverage of shows by Canadian designers at international fashion weeks
  • includes coverage of the most high-profile events across Canada, the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom
  • features emerging talents who we predict will receive much national and international success (FAJO has helped many designers launch their careers in Canada)

FAJO is also well-known for its Best Dressed photo galleries and lists.


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