From a 64.5 ct necklace to 29 exclusive pieces

October 21, 2020

Earlier this year, British company Lark & Berry – the first fine-designer jewelry brand in the world to use only cultured diamonds – released the 64.5 ct Supernova Necklace.

The striking piece was designed with diamonds by the Silicon Valley-based Diamond Foundry. It was one of three pieces Lark & Berry created for the Oscars this year. The necklace caught the eye of fashion icon Billy Porter, who wore it whilst performing in the Oscars’ opening musical.

“In brainstorming the Supernova Necklace design, we definitely had “Big Bang” in mind,” said Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez. “For the lines of diamonds shining out from the piece’s center, we drew inspiration from the natural wonder of a celestial supernova… For the diamond cuts, we went with exquisite trillion and baguette stones in delicate sizes. We remain proud of it – set with over 500 stunning cultured diamonds, it’s a real show-stopper, as Billy Porter proved at the Oscars!”

Lark & Berry x The Diamond Foundry Necklace, 64.5ct.

The Supernova Necklace is now re-crafted to become a special, limited-edition collection of 29 smaller pieces, set in 18k White Gold.

Lark & Berry jumped at the chance to use Diamond Foundry’s gemstones. The company uses proprietary solar technology and hydropower to create diamonds for jewelry. They are the world’s first certified carbon neutral diamond producer.

Diamond Foundry stones ensure that there is zero wildlife displacement, zero human conflict and zero mining. They are just as hard, radiant and everlasting as any diamond on the market. There’s no difference between a mined and cultured diamond, making them perfect for passing on from generation to generation.

Some of the reworked designs


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