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Toronto, Canada

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“Originally from Timmins Ontario, I earned my journalism/film degree from Ottawa’s Carleton University and currently reside in downtown Toronto, spending my days in graphic design and front-end web development, and my nights directing/producing music videos, films, and live rock concert events.  (I also built the website you’re on right now)

“I’ve worked on national magazines, daily & weekly newspapers, and served three years as the art director of daily (evening) commuter publication t.o.night from 2009-2012.  In that time I covered numerous major events and festivals including FanExpo, CMW, Indie Week, NXNE, and TIFF – the latter as a correspondent for the CBC.

“My photographic footing can be traced back to my pre-teen days on nature hikes as a Boy Scout, though it was more of a ‘take 24 pictures with a junky Polaroid point-and-shoot and hope at least a handful turn out’ kind of process.  I’ve always been most fascinated by film, but photography still stands out to me because of its ability to capture that chance single frame to tell the same story a short film could convey.

“I currently co-host and produce a radio/video/web music series called THE INDIE MACHINE, where I’m constantly hanging out with bands and talking music; directing weird narrative or conceptual music videos; and awaiting the release of my 2014 short features: hockey/crime drama Unbury The Biscuit, and sci-fi thriller Problem Solving 101.

“Occasionally I am referred to (usually by myself) as ‘the über-nerd’ due to my never-ending movie/music/comic/video game/pop culture references.  I’m also told at least once a week that I look like Tom Cruise – though in the beginning I tried to fight it, I’ve recently resigned myself to just accept it.”