Tino Bianchi

Advertising Manager


I was born in Italy where dressing well is a just a way of life. Italians strive to Live La Bella Vita (The Good Life), so I learned from a very young age to appreciate everything that is done well: from a piece of art to a beautiful song to a well-made garment. Fashion, art, fast cars, music, dance, sport and good company are all enjoyed with passion.

My favourite designers are Giorgio Armani and Prada, mixed in with a little Diesel Jeans. I’m fascinated by the fashion world because of the energy and beauty that surrounds it. I watched my first runway show as a teenager, and was blown away at how music, beauty and style meshed together captivating the audience. I buy GQ and Esquire magazines on a regular basis and, apart from FAJO, get a sneak peak of women’s magazines from the women in my life.

I enjoy cooking, a well-aged Brunello, listening to jazz, playing sports, going for a ride on my motorcycle and shopping for well-made clothing. Growing up in an Italian home I also developed a love for cuisine: I learned to cook from my Mom and learned to appreciate a nice glass of wine from my Dad. With this love of cuisine and memories of wonderful family gatherings, I got involved in the restaurant business and have now been in it for over 20 years. I am also presently working on opening my own restaurant.


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